Day 29 of Care

Weight 102.1 Kg  – i don’t understand this weight fluctuation is it water retention or fat!? I’m still searching on that.

Breakfast: Cheese sandwich, Green Apple and a cup of fat free milk

Snack: Green Tea from Art of Tea

Lunch: Chelo Kebab with grilled tomato and onions in a 9aj bread, with yogurt with cucumber salad.

Snack: Grea Tea -same as above.

dinner 29

Dinner: Half halloum sandwich with cream of mushroom soup and a green apple.

Day 27 + 28 of Care

I can’t believe it .. weight 99.9 Kg it was all water retention.. what the hell with water retention and how do i get rid of it? (wait for this post)

Day 27:

Breakfast: halloum sandwich with milk and fruit salad.

Lunch: Koshari – not abu tariq- and tomato soup

Dessert: Fruit salad

Dinner: Mini Kabobs with tabouleh and yogurt with cucumber

Day 28 (my way of meals)

Today he started my meals the way i like it, no more fruit salads instead I’m having one apple -yummy- no more meat for dinner instead I’m having half a halloum sandwich and no more soup on dinner I’m having it with lunch 🙂 and i am happy.

Breakfast: Turky sandwich (yummmmmmy, they actually used real turkey not the thin slices one from khazan- i’m so in love) milk and an Apple -keeps the Dr. Away.

Lunch: it has been really a very long time since i had a heavy breakfast so i had lunch at 5:30 pm i couldn’t have it any earlier. My lunch was stuffed chicken breast with carrots and cream of mushroom soup ( i like this dish but it is missing some steamed broccoli instead of carrots) they give me too many carrots on the days i don’t have carbs in my lunch, i guess this is how they balance the glucose level in my body.

Dessert: Red Apple hehehe

Dinner: 1/2 Halloum sandwich with beet root salad ( i think i will have a late dinner today- very bad i know but I’m too full to eat, the carrots really fulfilled me)

I honestly don’t know where i will put the apple and the dinner in my stomach, there is no space to breath in there LOL! tooooo much fooood .. i need to drink more green tea.

Oh by the way did you hear about Tea Art or Art of Tea in Al Muthana? It is so good, i didn’t want to leave that place, on top of that i was about to spend all of my salary over there.. i think next time i will go buy some tea and give it to the handsome dietitian in the center- since he can’t stop saying ” drink at least two cups of green tea a day”

Oh another thing, Did you know the tomato juice has almost simillar reaction to green tea in means of Antioxidants??! but tomato juice retains some water in our bodies.

I love this diet, I’m learning a lot.

I love you all.. 🙂

Day 26 of Care

Breakfast: nestle corn flakes, milk and asian fruit salad.

Lunch: Tandori chicken with rice and greek salad.

Dessert: fruit salad (i’m forced to have it)

Dinner: potato chicke, vegetables, lentil soup and beet root salad.

Today i went to the follow up , i gained a 700 grams so now i’m forced to eat all the food they get me even if my stomach hurts, i will have to drink at least two cups of green tea and i need to sweat more.

I didn’t like the meeting today, he was busy writing my meals instead of discussing my situation… i guess i will shut my mouth next time since it will be the last week… if until the end of this month i don’t lose 3 kilos it means their diet doesn’t work for me specially that i am working out and they are forcing me to eat .  If this happened i will have to reforce my system into carb free diets with more protein and vegetables.. i miss having proteins in decent amounts (all day long) 🙂 ,or i will just go with Jenny Craig,, we shall see.

Day 25 of Care

Breakfast: halloum sandwich, milk

Lunch: Grilled fish (was very bad i couldn’t eat it) potatoes and vegetables with Roca salad ( i used balsamic vinegar instead of their thick dressing.

Dessert: Breakfast fruit salad

Dinner: Stuffed grilled chicken with mushroom , mashed potatoes and carrots, Caesar salad with vinegar instead of their dressing and Spanish soup (very bad)

yesterday my salad and fruit salad were left untouched and today my fruit salad is left too..and now from dinner i feel very stuffed i can’t move.

I feel like i am being bulimic.

Tomorrow is the meeting again… i didn’t lose any kilos.. so lets hope his balance shows a difference.

Day 24 of Care

Breakfast: Nistle fitness flakes with milk and mint fruit salad.

Lunch: Caesar salad with fish tikka

Snack: Fruit salad 

Dinner: Keba bil seneya, rice , Roca salad and cream of mushroom soup.

*the dashed words i didn’t eat.

Today i went for my feet.. thank god it is not uric acid but i will still have to wait for five days if the pain is not gone i will need to do blood test, Gosh this pain should go soon, i need to workout before my yearly routine of travel.

This week work is killing me, i think i have no time to wash my hair.

Emotion Attack Joint Fracture

It has been almost two weeks without ice cream, , munching and several snack a day. I have to admit I’m pretty happy with the new habit of three meals a day and one snack just in case i got hungry . It makes me feel like a British Queen having tea time, brunch time and supper time. Very elite that is exactly how it feels, except the food isn’t elite at all specially when it is compared to the food I’m used to eat at my families house or my cook.

Our food is mostly cooked without spices, only salt, cumin and pepper and sometime no salt at all, we don’t use corn oil, it is either sun flower oil or extra virgin olive oil and our soups are manly vegetable soups that been blended very well, similar to baby food texture. Now that i started with this diet company, food is kind of unacceptable by my biological system, it is the same feeling i get when we test a new cook in our house, they cook with all kind of Arabic spices that adds a beautiful smell and taste to the food yet i can’t survive the day. My skin is breaks out , my joints  hurt and my physical strength as well as energy decreases steeply down the slope of my over all well being.

These symptoms are usually gone by the end of the day, but now they start when I am out , ready to do some activities.  All that in addition to the emotional crises that i am going through. This is another thing about this diet, not only that i am craving many things and not being able to taste a bite or decide for  my self what to have for lunch or what dressing to have on top of my salad, i cannot move, my body is aching, i can’t stand up straight without having pain in my feet or back even when i work out my knees hurt, my back, my calves, my shoulders, every single bone in my body hurts and even worse when i wake up in the morning i find it really difficult to get out of bed without any pain in my feet.

I miss being active, i miss working out, i miss running, and more, i miss feelings light on the grounds.

Day 23 of Care

Breakfast: Cheese plater, milk and Bomly pomegranate guava fruit salad.

Lunch: Chelo Kebab, Mast kheyar

lunch 23

Snack: Fruit salad (didn’t eat it)

Dinner: Sweet and sour fish with salad and lentil soup (i didn’t have the salad and i am very full)

After being very hungry for a week.. now that they are giving me full portions of food, i cannot eat it, it makes me feel too full and the half portion they give me makes me hungry all day long !!

10 more days and the spoiling care will be gone.. you know what? it is actually very spoiling.

Day 21 + 22 of Care

Day 21:

Breakfast: cheese manakish, milk and fruit salad.

Lunch: Beirut fish with green salad

Snack: fruit salad

Dinner: Fettuccine Alfredo chicken with vegetable crudites and cream of mushroom soup.

Day 22:

Breakfast: Halloum sandwich, milk and melon watermelon fruit salad

Lunch: Fish Tikka with white rice, and Rocca salad

Lunch 22

Snack: Fruit salad

Dinner: Fiesta burger , plain Caesar salad and lentil soup.

Day 19+20 of Care

Day 19:

Weight: 102 Kg … hmm how come?

Breakfast: Lanbeh and Zaatar Sandwich, melon fruit salad, & fat free milk

lunch 19

Lunch: Meat with something almonds, rice and fatoush.. total yum yum

Dessert: Fruit Salad

dinner 19

Dinner: Yuummmy Burger with lentil soup and ceasar salad (me no like this salad)

Day 20:

Weight: 101.8 Kg -still wondering how come, there days ago i was 99 kg!-

bf 20

Breakfast: Saj Labneh and Zaatar, fruit salad, and fat free milk

lunch 20

Lunch: i’m still hungry LOL ! , meat, mushroom pasta – you can’t believe it there was only three strands of pasta! and Tabbouleh (totally loved it)

dinner 20

Dinner: Iranian chicken sandwich (it is basically chicken musahab wanna be), Broccoli with corn soup and ceaser salad (me no like this salad)

Day 18 of Care

I am a kilo less 🙂 yippy .. 99.1 Kg yippy yippy horay!

bf 18

Breakfast: Yummy, Labneh, zaatar with black olives, A. Fruit salad and milk

Lunch: Halp portion meat beriany -yummy- with tabouleh   .. I had fruit salad but i didn’t eat it, and i still have chocolates from two days ago 🙂

dinner 18

Dinner: Spicy chicken yummmmmy with potatoes and vegetables, vegetable plater with cheese dip and lentile soup (perfect meal ever)

And now i’m having green tea mixed with apple tea

Did anyone cried over Friends last episode? It is really hard to say goodbye. i miss my friends.