Unhealthy Taleb, Happy Care

Dr. Taleb Al shemiri’s diet didn’t work well for me, having a citrus fruit first thing in the morning made me sick all day that i had to give the ER a visit.

Since his diet wasn’t healthy at all and lacks fruits and proteins my body decided to sleep and put me in the hospital. So i decided to start with one of these we-make-your-food-we-keep-you-healthy centers tomorrow will be my first day i hope things work out well.

My first visit was very optimistic, i was happy by entering their door, the staff were very friendly and happy, the nutritionist was ; one:handsome, two: handsome, three: friendly and made me really shy, i wonder was it his attractiveness or he made me feel ashamed of my weight..I have no clue. Every one was happy over there, even the cashier was sweet and goofy and i loved him too even, that new girl on the phone who barely knows what she is saying i loved her too.

So tomorrow is the start… I’m too excited, i didn’t try their food and i don’t know how it works, all i know is that they support NOVO and the nutritionist is so goddamn a good reason to give another visit with success.