Day One of Care

I feel special, i feel happy , i feel unique…And this is only day one.

As if they knew i would crave chocolates today, their food is fullfilling and the sweet and sour food fulfilled my sugar need. The food tasted so delicious as if mummy cooked it for me. The Labneh and Zaatar morning sandwich was so tasty reminded me of the old good days of secondary school when i used to have this sandwich with orange juice for breakfast if it wasn’t cereal, since then i never had this sandwich or cereal again in my life due to my gluten sensistivity.

Today they gave me labneh and zaatar with black olives sandwich with milk and fruit salad (blueberry yoghurt, pineapple, peaches, pear, apple and tangirine) yummy


Lunch was a dilicious stuffed chicken with mushrooms and creme with mash potatoes and carrots with green salad.. yummy too.. I was too hungry i couldn’t take a picture, and my dessert was a delicious fruit salad with peach or cocktail juice – i couldn’t tell- .


Dinner: yummy, at dinner time i was seriously craving chocolates and sweets but the sweet and sour fish was amazingly delicious with lentil soup and beet root salad.. If it was my choise i wouldn’t choose this combination, but it wasn’t bad at all.