Day Three of Care

Breakfast: Saj Labneh with Zaatar

Snack 1: Fruit Salad (two bites of muffin- cheated too)

Lunch: Two pieces of Basalliya (not good at all)

Snack 2: Fruit Salad + flake powder (the last i cheated)

Dinner: Spicy chicken patties (i should’ve ate that before everything else, it cut my chocolate cravings actually my cravings period) Spinach with corn soup and new beetroot salad.

Today i had the worst cravings day, i craved chocolate a lot, lunch wasn’t fulfilling,  but if i only waited a bit dinner did all the job of stopping my craving… so lesson 1: Wait for dinner before fulfilling my cravings .

Today i started working out serious kinda work out, i can’t even feel my feet and toes.. they hurt a lot 😦 i should book for message tomorrow.

so what else is going on with my Obese life ? hmmmm Nothing but me my self and my couch, still hoping that my friends would call and share a laugh, i don’t understand them honestly, only when they want to go and eat they call, or if they have problems in their love life, i don’t know do i have (problem solver) on my forehead!

Anyhow i miss them a lot. i dunno how to make them come back.

Today my work out was 10 minutes of 5.3 km/h walk then 15 minutes on the oval thingi (fat burn) then another 10 on the treadmill .. then i did few set ups and arm, shoulder and back stretches then i walked for another 27 minutes.

Tomorrow i should walk for 60 minutes then do some jogging or biking.. hmm i feel like swimming but i’m too shy to do that.. i’ll have to challenge my self, i guess.