Day Seven of Care

My dietion believed i did a good job and i should count the days i did the diet on my own.. so today is day seven 🙂 hehehe.. And why did he said its ok.. because i lost 1.5 kilos alread.. yippy yippy.. and mommy wants me to continue with this Care until i lose at least 25 Kg’s even though i want to lose 35 Kg’s to be fit and show off my bone sturcture..

so i should stop cheating 🙂 since i cheated on dinner tonight, i was too hungry .. but since the handsome Dietitian said its ok . then I’m good.

Today i walked for 45 minutes straight and guess hat happened? the edge of my undershirt cut my skin 😦 يعني لازم كدمه مادري شسوي ابروحي!

So Breakfast: Fateerat ash2awan cheese with milk (of course the size was smaller than the normal fatayer,, its quater their size) and you know what? i didn’t had that in more than one year 🙂 i feel special i finally eat like normal people and lose weight hehehe

Snack 1: half portion fruit salad.

Lunch: yummy kebe bil laban with half brown bread and onion, cabbage salad.. delicious :), also never had a kebe in what four years !

Snack 2: A cup of fruit salad

Dinner: Tabole, mushroom soup and half a sandwich of meat fajita’s.. i ate another half from home made ones 🙂 cheater. shame , don’t you think the three don’t go together?! i thought the same until i ate them and figured that they complete each other in fulfilling my cravings.

Lesson two: chocolate is poison, health is active, happiness is outgoing- three in one.

Sorry purg, i didn’t take pictures today, no cam, telephone rubbished.