Day Eight of Care

Oh wow one whole week just passed, my weight is 101.6 and i was 103.6 🙂 isn’t that wonderful. .. now i’m hungry .. still .. but i will not eat a thing.

Breakfast was halloum sandwich with milk

Snack 1: fruit salad (8 peices of melon with watermelon)

Lunch: vegetable beriani with rocca salad , dessert was fruit salad.

lunch 8

Dinner: Fiesta Burgers with ceaser salad and lentile soup , can you believe i had mayonnaise with my burger?! i didn’t have that in 9 months 🙂

dinner 8


Lesson3: never pass meal times.. you will starve like a hungry man.


AND .. i love you all 🙂 .. i’m so happy i’m loosing weight.