Day Ten Of Care

So here we are .. day ten.. my weight hasn’t been the same from yesterday, today morning and now.. so i don’t know who things are.
Breakfast: Nestle fitness with raisins and dried fruits with asian fruit salad in mint juice.. i don’t like asian fruit salads and i can’t have this cereal so i guess thats why my weight flactuated alot today.

This is what bothers me about them, they sometimes tend to forget about my gluten sensitivity and bring me whole wheat things.. i should tell them .

Lunch: Fish tekka with potato and carrots.. ceaser salad and  fruit salad

Dinner: كبة بالصينيه مع عيش بالشعريه ، سلطة جرجير  and cream of mushroom soup.

Today my weight is 102.8 ! i don’t know why but i guess mostly because of the glutinated food and the cereal , asian fruit salad and noodles rice.. so i should tell him about that.

apple tart

Also today i made Apple Tart for some reason i felt like doing it instead of fixing my room or go to the gym . It didn’t look good because i made a very thin crust and we didn’t have the right tart pan i used a pyrex LOL but it tasted really good, this is what every one told me.. but tonight i will serve it with vanilla ice cream so it will fix the look a bit. I dunno why i added glazed almonds, i was so desperate to make it look decent.. what is even funnier that i didn’t find a decent plate .. so halaga fe halaga.. bs 3adi.. its my first time with tarts.

I didn’t have a good day… i’m sure the rest will be better. I’m tired of ups and downs in one single day.  And close ones calling me names, and others don’t answer my calls , and others just say mean things of the things i love or like. Why are they so mean when i’m so sweet to them! i shouldn’t give then any attention any more.