Day Elven of Care

Today was a messed up day,

Breakfast was at 1 pm : halloum sandwich with milk and fruit salad.

Lunch was at 9 pm : grilled fish with potato and vege’s

Dinner was at 1 am grilled chicken with soup

Left overs: fruit salad, and ceasar salad.

Tomorrow i’m going with my friend to see how did we do in 10 days.. 11 🙂

no pictures today, i had to time to fix my room or wash my hair.. big mess , hard workout..  i have too many clothes i need to hide for now.

I’ve been noticing that every time i take Triple Lean 3 i get depressed and easily into tears, i think the caffeine is playing with my brain ! i dunno.. i should stop using it anyway.

Yesterday i had a very bad night, very bad sleep and this weekend i didn’t finish any of my work .

Tomorrow i will have a massage session and i should finish what i didn’t finish during the weekend.. i’m running late.

Love you all my dear readers.. i guess this week i will be a bit late with my posts.. i hope not, i will try to manage my time.  I’m facing some new duties with family members and loved ones.. i need to manage between them, work , plans and gym as well as fixing this house.

Lesson 4: Put on a smile, it is a happy day because you can smile and friends  i should call them even if they didn’t .. o keefhoum .