Day 14 of Care

أنا جعاااااانه!


Breakfast: Nistle flakes with milk and fruit salad.

lunch 14

Lunch: Half portion of vegetable beriany yuummy with ceaser salad.

Dinner: Lentil soup, Rocha salad, and mushroom chicken breast with carrots and mashed potatoes.

Now ana ja3aaaan! seriously.

Good news, i am 100 Kg 🙂  and i will not need chemotherapy, i have no cancerous cells nor cysts or clusters of fat , phew 🙂


  1. hmmm, I still do no t think what you eat is diet food

    Dear Purg, want to try some?

  2. Purg, there is no such as “diet” food. It’s all about proportions. Diet care is providing her with everything yet in smaller proportions

    You know what shopa, that is so true .. also they are adding fat flush components with the normal food like flax seed, cauliflower, pineapples, etc.

  3. I wouldn’t eat anything with potatoes! That just puts on the pounds. Gross.

  4. I would not eat anything with potatoes! that just puts on the pounds. The last time I had potatoes (french fries) I gained 3 pounds the next day. Well, I understand that it is always good to have a balanced diet with carbs included, but potatoes has too many!

    :)Potatoes are yummy .. i don’t blame you if you gain weight from them

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