Day 16 of Care

The big day

Today i got my weight, i officially lost three kilo grams.. Gosh today that nutritionist was hotter than any other day.. and he kept a very good eye contact to make me melt in my seat. I couldn’t breath from shyness today , i even forgot to ask him several things i needed to know and now i’m more shy to call him and let him know.. Why does he have to be so cute?

Breakfast: Green tea

breakfast 16

Breakfast “real” : labneh with Zaatar , milk, bomly and pomegranet fruit salad and rice cakes. – i love this food-

lunch 16

Lunch: 1/2 chicken breast with vegetables,grape leaves and rice with angel hair. look at the chicken size, tinny.. i rather have no rice and more chicken.. i love meat.

Snack: Fruit salad – i’m really bored .. but i was too shy to tell him that, specially when he told me that next week will be half the portions.. why is he so cute?

Dinner: Mushroom risotto – i wish it was chicken- lentile soup (i wish it was cream of brocolli ) with ceaser salad ( i forgot to ask him if it is possible to use my own dressing instead of his)

i have a meeting in 10 days.. and i think i should start working out harder.. i dunno it was written on his face today that i should work out harder.

Gosh .. he is cute, talkative and happy which means in real life he is calm, sweet and religious… is it possible to flirt with him?