Day 19+20 of Care

Day 19:

Weight: 102 Kg … hmm how come?

Breakfast: Lanbeh and Zaatar Sandwich, melon fruit salad, & fat free milk

lunch 19

Lunch: Meat with something almonds, rice and fatoush.. total yum yum

Dessert: Fruit Salad

dinner 19

Dinner: Yuummmy Burger with lentil soup and ceasar salad (me no like this salad)

Day 20:

Weight: 101.8 Kg -still wondering how come, there days ago i was 99 kg!-

bf 20

Breakfast: Saj Labneh and Zaatar, fruit salad, and fat free milk

lunch 20

Lunch: i’m still hungry LOL ! , meat, mushroom pasta – you can’t believe it there was only three strands of pasta! and Tabbouleh (totally loved it)

dinner 20

Dinner: Iranian chicken sandwich (it is basically chicken musahab wanna be), Broccoli with corn soup and ceaser salad (me no like this salad)