Emotion Attack Joint Fracture

It has been almost two weeks without ice cream, , munching and several snack a day. I have to admit I’m pretty happy with the new habit of three meals a day and one snack just in case i got hungry . It makes me feel like a British Queen having tea time, brunch time and supper time. Very elite that is exactly how it feels, except the food isn’t elite at all specially when it is compared to the food I’m used to eat at my families house or my cook.

Our food is mostly cooked without spices, only salt, cumin and pepper and sometime no salt at all, we don’t use corn oil, it is either sun flower oil or extra virgin olive oil and our soups are manly vegetable soups that been blended very well, similar to baby food texture. Now that i started with this diet company, food is kind of unacceptable by my biological system, it is the same feeling i get when we test a new cook in our house, they cook with all kind of Arabic spices that adds a beautiful smell and taste to the food yet i can’t survive the day. My skin is breaks out , my joints  hurt and my physical strength as well as energy decreases steeply down the slope of my over all well being.

These symptoms are usually gone by the end of the day, but now they start when I am out , ready to do some activities.  All that in addition to the emotional crises that i am going through. This is another thing about this diet, not only that i am craving many things and not being able to taste a bite or decide for  my self what to have for lunch or what dressing to have on top of my salad, i cannot move, my body is aching, i can’t stand up straight without having pain in my feet or back even when i work out my knees hurt, my back, my calves, my shoulders, every single bone in my body hurts and even worse when i wake up in the morning i find it really difficult to get out of bed without any pain in my feet.

I miss being active, i miss working out, i miss running, and more, i miss feelings light on the grounds.

Day 23 of Care

Breakfast: Cheese plater, milk and Bomly pomegranate guava fruit salad.

Lunch: Chelo Kebab, Mast kheyar

lunch 23

Snack: Fruit salad (didn’t eat it)

Dinner: Sweet and sour fish with salad and lentil soup (i didn’t have the salad and i am very full)

After being very hungry for a week.. now that they are giving me full portions of food, i cannot eat it, it makes me feel too full and the half portion they give me makes me hungry all day long !!

10 more days and the spoiling care will be gone.. you know what? it is actually very spoiling.

Day 21 + 22 of Care

Day 21:

Breakfast: cheese manakish, milk and fruit salad.

Lunch: Beirut fish with green salad

Snack: fruit salad

Dinner: Fettuccine Alfredo chicken with vegetable crudites and cream of mushroom soup.

Day 22:

Breakfast: Halloum sandwich, milk and melon watermelon fruit salad

Lunch: Fish Tikka with white rice, and Rocca salad

Lunch 22

Snack: Fruit salad

Dinner: Fiesta burger , plain Caesar salad and lentil soup.