Day 23 of Care

Breakfast: Cheese plater, milk and Bomly pomegranate guava fruit salad.

Lunch: Chelo Kebab, Mast kheyar

lunch 23

Snack: Fruit salad (didn’t eat it)

Dinner: Sweet and sour fish with salad and lentil soup (i didn’t have the salad and i am very full)

After being very hungry for a week.. now that they are giving me full portions of food, i cannot eat it, it makes me feel too full and the half portion they give me makes me hungry all day long !!

10 more days and the spoiling care will be gone.. you know what? it is actually very spoiling.


  1. inshallah in 10 days u’ll know if it was worth it or not! And advice- start with the salad. It’ll fill u up and has less calories than the actual meal, u’ll eat less of it. Make that part of your eating habits always.

    This is what i usually do.. but i miss protein 🙂 ,, you know usually i used to eat double the size of the protein – meat- portion they give me -except for the kebab’s i tend to have less- so i guess i miss pigging out :S ..
    Thank you Eni 🙂
    You have beena great support , simply you make me feel good.

  2. I am not a big fan of such diets, but they are the “experts” so am curious to see what will it do to you.

    What is “such diets” ?

  3. The ones where you pay for and get such problems 😛

    i see money is an issue for the rich purg !

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