Day 25 of Care

Breakfast: halloum sandwich, milk

Lunch: Grilled fish (was very bad i couldn’t eat it) potatoes and vegetables with Roca salad ( i used balsamic vinegar instead of their thick dressing.

Dessert: Breakfast fruit salad

Dinner: Stuffed grilled chicken with mushroom , mashed potatoes and carrots, Caesar salad with vinegar instead of their dressing and Spanish soup (very bad)

yesterday my salad and fruit salad were left untouched and today my fruit salad is left too..and now from dinner i feel very stuffed i can’t move.

I feel like i am being bulimic.

Tomorrow is the meeting again… i didn’t lose any kilos.. so lets hope his balance shows a difference.


  1. You need to talk to them, seems the food you are getting is not suitable for you, they should change it to something different

    I honestly don’t know how he thinks.

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  3. make sure u write all ur questions/concerns on a piece of paper. And don’t be like me and forget it and remember it once ur at the doctors office hehe

    I went today, i gained a kilo .. i told him everything then he called me (أبلة زينة)
    so there.

  4. Continue to stick to a program as it will take a while for your body to adapt to it and begin to make noticeable changes. Once it becomes habit though it will become much easier, you will also notice you have less cravings for bad foods and lots more energy.

  5. Take into consideration that if you are also doing strength and cardio exercises you may be increasing lean muscle mass which can lead to an initial increase in body weight. This is why relying simply on what the scales say can be misleading, make sure you take into account body fat percentage, waist size and how you look and feel.

  6. Definitely concur with what you stated. Your explanation was undoubtedly the simplest to fully grasp.

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