Day 26 of Care

Breakfast: nestle corn flakes, milk and asian fruit salad.

Lunch: Tandori chicken with rice and greek salad.

Dessert: fruit salad (i’m forced to have it)

Dinner: potato chicke, vegetables, lentil soup and beet root salad.

Today i went to the follow up , i gained a 700 grams so now i’m forced to eat all the food they get me even if my stomach hurts, i will have to drink at least two cups of green tea and i need to sweat more.

I didn’t like the meeting today, he was busy writing my meals instead of discussing my situation… i guess i will shut my mouth next time since it will be the last week… if until the end of this month i don’t lose 3 kilos it means their diet doesn’t work for me specially that i am working out and they are forcing me to eat .  If this happened i will have to reforce my system into carb free diets with more protein and vegetables.. i miss having proteins in decent amounts (all day long) 🙂 ,or i will just go with Jenny Craig,, we shall see.


  1. :/

    not good. how much did u lose so far?

    three kilos only.

  2. girl dont give up!
    if u dont lose weight it dosent mean their diet is not working
    it just means u need to put more effort!
    stick to it!!

    can u tell me which centre ur working with and provide me with info
    fone numbers n stuff like that

    thank u!

    Hi girl check your e-mail tonight.

  3. they have Jenny in Kuwait?

    you can do it online getting recipes only.

  4. The food looks so damn good. Just stick to this diet, walk 15 min. every day, 15 min. exercise and in 3 months time you’ll look way different. But you’ll need at least a year before you’ll see drastic changes ..

    good luck

    It is good food, tastes like home cooked food- not in our house though our food is tasteless- and the varieties are nice , i do workout on daily bases at least power 30 workouts if not a full body workout. I hope i lose the 20 kilos in less than a year.

    Thank you very much Pearl

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