Day 27 + 28 of Care

I can’t believe it .. weight 99.9 Kg it was all water retention.. what the hell with water retention and how do i get rid of it? (wait for this post)

Day 27:

Breakfast: halloum sandwich with milk and fruit salad.

Lunch: Koshari – not abu tariq- and tomato soup

Dessert: Fruit salad

Dinner: Mini Kabobs with tabouleh and yogurt with cucumber

Day 28 (my way of meals)

Today he started my meals the way i like it, no more fruit salads instead I’m having one apple -yummy- no more meat for dinner instead I’m having half a halloum sandwich and no more soup on dinner I’m having it with lunch 🙂 and i am happy.

Breakfast: Turky sandwich (yummmmmmy, they actually used real turkey not the thin slices one from khazan- i’m so in love) milk and an Apple -keeps the Dr. Away.

Lunch: it has been really a very long time since i had a heavy breakfast so i had lunch at 5:30 pm i couldn’t have it any earlier. My lunch was stuffed chicken breast with carrots and cream of mushroom soup ( i like this dish but it is missing some steamed broccoli instead of carrots) they give me too many carrots on the days i don’t have carbs in my lunch, i guess this is how they balance the glucose level in my body.

Dessert: Red Apple hehehe

Dinner: 1/2 Halloum sandwich with beet root salad ( i think i will have a late dinner today- very bad i know but I’m too full to eat, the carrots really fulfilled me)

I honestly don’t know where i will put the apple and the dinner in my stomach, there is no space to breath in there LOL! tooooo much fooood .. i need to drink more green tea.

Oh by the way did you hear about Tea Art or Art of Tea in Al Muthana? It is so good, i didn’t want to leave that place, on top of that i was about to spend all of my salary over there.. i think next time i will go buy some tea and give it to the handsome dietitian in the center- since he can’t stop saying ” drink at least two cups of green tea a day”

Oh another thing, Did you know the tomato juice has almost simillar reaction to green tea in means of Antioxidants??! but tomato juice retains some water in our bodies.

I love this diet, I’m learning a lot.

I love you all.. 🙂