Day 29 of Care

Weight 102.1 Kg  – i don’t understand this weight fluctuation is it water retention or fat!? I’m still searching on that.

Breakfast: Cheese sandwich, Green Apple and a cup of fat free milk

Snack: Green Tea from Art of Tea

Lunch: Chelo Kebab with grilled tomato and onions in a 9aj bread, with yogurt with cucumber salad.

Snack: Grea Tea -same as above.

dinner 29

Dinner: Half halloum sandwich with cream of mushroom soup and a green apple.


  1. Is your nutritionist happy with your progress? Just wondering… Don’t be discouraged, but if it isn’t working for you then u should find another alternative

    I don’t know, he doesn’t talk to me, he just writes. I think we built a hate relation me and him.. you know what? i will ask him next time.

  2. هياااا

    في وحده نفسي

    انا بعد قاهدة اسوي ريجيم الشوربات والسوائل

    صاير لى 3 اسابيع

    والحمدلله في نتيجة

    بس ملينا من المتن

    نبي نضعف ونصير سمبتيكات

    اي والله صاجة المتن مرض، جم كيلو نزلتي ليلحين؟

  3. talk about weight fluctuation! i’ve gained 2 kilos myself after dieting for two weeks!

    the important thing is to always stay motivated and set ur eyes at the goal 😉

    This i will do.. good luck on your weight loss too.. BTW did you hear of 6K?

  4. this is why you should only weigh yourself once every 2 weeks. I know it’s hard! I do it once a week.
    Oh and do you wear the same clothes everytime?

    i know .. but i can’t stop checking it out. hmm i weight my self naked but it is not much of a difference from being dressed up.

  5. بــ 3 اسابيع فاقده 6 كيلو

    وكله عصاير وشوربات

    أشربهم كثر ما ابي ليما أشبع

    ومن دون رياضة حاليا

    بس بخاطرى هالفترة امشي عشان احصل نتيجة

    ماشاء الله، بس اهم شي الرياضه

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