Day 13 of Self Care

Weight 99 Kg morning.. Night 99.5 Kg

Since I’m not in the middle east anymore, i decided to check out the family M.D. for checkup on weather my diet is healthy or not, the results came in to shock me.

They did many blood and physical tests, in their regard, the 1000 Cal. diet zigzagging between 1150 and 950 Kcal is putting my body into what dietitian’s call “starvation phase” which explains the reason my weight stops for several weeks now on the same weight without being lost. So now i am on a 1500 kcal per day zigzagging between 1200 and 1600 kcal which, to tell you the truth after getting used to small portion of meals with diet care i can’t reach those calories unless i eat a chocolate bar or any kind of a rich snack twice a week.

My weight is any less than the past week but my sizes are amazingly half an inch less which means this diet is working well.

On the other hand, my working out routine had been pure cardio, next week i will start my new routine combination between cardio and muscles work along with yoga.

I noticed everyone on my new building are ordering pizza these days? the elevator kills me with the luscious smell.  I hate pizza but now i love it … so you naughty boys out there stop I’m craving your pizza 😛

I can’t wait to be back to the desert, i miss it already.. too much green isn’t good for bint il 9a7ra.

LOVE YOU KUWAIT! can you please love us back?

My Regards to ya’ll

Day 4 of Self Care

Weight 99.5 morning, 100 night.

Size: 16-18 US

It has been four days now since i started taking care of my meals without diet care, i’ve been using the same concept with -what i think- a slight change in the calorie intake yet the same idea of zig zag diet.

Green tea is on my list, three cups daily.Digestion is going great, even my skin looks better.

Workout: an hour of walking, jogging, stepper, steeper or what ever it is called, ten minutes each for 60 minutes and daily long slow walks for the older ones i’m accompanied with.  Next week i’ll start yoga and cardio.

Measures, half a centimeter is lost .. so a total of 2.4 inches.

Now what is really annoying me is the back pain, oh gosh , since i lost my abs the back pain is unbearable as well as the heel pain. Away from physical pain, the sizing pain.. why the hell i let my self gain so much weight !! being size 20 UK is ugly every thing looks like a tent. LOL! a moving tent .

I think marijuana should be legalized in Kuwait.

Love and Scale

You Are Always On Mind, a beautiful song performed lately by Michael Buble this song in specific took me back in time when love was a word in my dictionary. Six years ago he was the only thing on my mind, in those days love had a different meaning; a meaning i can’t find in nowadays book . I looked through many books of relationships, many books of love and books of friendship.. those weren’t the regular paper or hard cover books..They all came in solid cover , very protective and hard to know what is in it. Those books are the books of people i met, those i should mention in another post, one of those books was his Mishary’s book.

I was a teenager when we met while he was in his mid thirty’s, his memories of his childhood were things i heard from elder ones in my family.. we had nothing in common else than our love. Any man i meet today his main concern in knowing me is sexual “are we going to kiss?” “will we go out to my place?” “will i be able to slip my hands under your shirt?” these were the questions that manage to make me lose their numbers except for Mishary‘s, he never asked if he can kiss me, he never asked if he can have a sensual moment with me, our love was as pure as the white feathers. His lips once tried to reach mine instead the landed on my cheeks .. and since then he understood and a hug to my hands were enough to express how deeply we feel for each other.. تعذب و تعذبت بس كانت احلى ايام

In return to his struggle to survive meeting me at least three times a week without feeling our passion and love… he made me lose weight. Before each workout session we would meet which used to encourage me and work out more .. what i lose in a month nowadays i used to lose it in few weeks back then. His love made me shed Thirty Two  Kilograms in six months.

Do i have to say more?

Our love didn’t meant to last .. A year after i met someone i cared about and he “did” as well until we had a big fight over having sex and feeling for each other.. Knowing this second person made me gain Seventeen Kilograms.. he hated my body, he hated the fact that i refused giving him my virginity, the fights never stopped and the weight was never the same.

Today with every Kilogram i shed it resembles my recovery from Mohammed and for the memory of Mishary “may he rest in peace”.

Elysium II

I still have hope in Elysium massages, so i tried another masouse  today..Her massage room was nice, the music was alright -not my taste though- her hands were nice, the bed was way too sexy; sleeping on that bed alone aroused my senses.

The massage was alright, i lost a kilo after it yet, i have tried better.. i wouldn’t go to her again but i would definitely try another kind of massage in Elysium.

I give it 8 out of 10

Day 38 of Care

Weight: 99.5 , lost a total of 4.5 kilos

Size: 1 inch less..

Food is being great, just the way i like it, less meat, lights breakfast, light dinner, nice lunch and a fruit in between.. but i miss vegetables..

In few days i will start doing their diet on my own, since i got the idea of their diet… then after a while i’ll go back if needed…

If i lost 4 kilos in 38 days

How many kilos would i lose in 90 days?  10 Kg’s

It means to reach my goal on the same flow of this diet, i will lose the 27 kilos in  8 months! OMG!! i will have to work out more… which mean until next april i will be able to reach my goal 🙂 doesn’t sound bad at all..

still i need to work out more.

So Fitness.. here i come.

I guess i will lose faster since i’m leaving the country for the coming 4-6 months… wish me luck, i need a decent job.

Day 30 of Care

Weight: i didn’t not check it, but i feel pretty heavy, sleepy and starving.

Breakfast: Foul medamis with fat free milk and a tinny Pear

Snack: Green tea

Lunch:  Chicken breast with yogurt and cucumber with a tinny pear.

Snack: Two little pear’s  with green tea

Dinner: 1/4 halloum sandwich with cream of mushroom soup.

Right now i am very hungry, sleepy and having indigestion.. i need green leaves for heaves sake, I’m sick of yogurt with cucumber and sick of the same dinner two days in a raw, and sick of the same soup two days in a row.

Why does the food has to be the same every day? what happened to variety?

أنا زعلانه، ابي تنوع، احب التنوع و فوق كل هذا وزني قاعد يزيد كل يوم