Day 30 of Care

Weight: i didn’t not check it, but i feel pretty heavy, sleepy and starving.

Breakfast: Foul medamis with fat free milk and a tinny Pear

Snack: Green tea

Lunch:  Chicken breast with yogurt and cucumber with a tinny pear.

Snack: Two little pear’s  with green tea

Dinner: 1/4 halloum sandwich with cream of mushroom soup.

Right now i am very hungry, sleepy and having indigestion.. i need green leaves for heaves sake, I’m sick of yogurt with cucumber and sick of the same dinner two days in a raw, and sick of the same soup two days in a row.

Why does the food has to be the same every day? what happened to variety?

أنا زعلانه، ابي تنوع، احب التنوع و فوق كل هذا وزني قاعد يزيد كل يوم