Day 30 of Care

Weight: i didn’t not check it, but i feel pretty heavy, sleepy and starving.

Breakfast: Foul medamis with fat free milk and a tinny Pear

Snack: Green tea

Lunch:  Chicken breast with yogurt and cucumber with a tinny pear.

Snack: Two little pear’s  with green tea

Dinner: 1/4 halloum sandwich with cream of mushroom soup.

Right now i am very hungry, sleepy and having indigestion.. i need green leaves for heaves sake, I’m sick of yogurt with cucumber and sick of the same dinner two days in a raw, and sick of the same soup two days in a row.

Why does the food has to be the same every day? what happened to variety?

أنا زعلانه، ابي تنوع، احب التنوع و فوق كل هذا وزني قاعد يزيد كل يوم


  1. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Be strong! And be very patient it’ll pay off. Just think of food as recharge, something that u need for energy 😀 .. I’m serious.

    And it’s normal for your weight to fluctuate. yom sa3id, yom nazil, it’s ok. As long as it’s going down. Make a daily chart, and u’ll see if u are losing or not.

    Of course if you’re not happy, you can always see another diet center.

    Good luck!

  2. زينه لا تيأسين


    احنا كنا قبل

    ناكل اللى نبيه وبزيادة وفوق الشبع

    لكن الحين

    لازم نغير هالروتين

    وطول عمره الروتين بحاجة للصبر والارادة القوية

    انا حاسة فيج

    خصوصا وان كان الاكل نفسه نفسه

    يخليج تكرهينه وتنقهرين

    بس ميخالف

    خلي دايما هدف النقصان بين عيونج

    وخلي هالمسألة تحدي بينج وبين نفسج

    والله يوقفج وتوصلين للوزن المطلوب

    اللهم امين. تسلمين حصونه

  3. oooh my god..!! dear we should start the NO DIETS LOBBY ;p

    im complaining and posting about my daily encounters with weight loss issues in my blog as well.. good thing i found u so we can encourage each other..

    by the way.. WHY WHY AND WHY diet care? their food lacks variety and taste.. next month go to health company:
    a. they are catered by le`notre..
    b. turkey sandwich`hom malat starbucks as well as the rest of their sandwiches…
    c. their menu’s are so versatile elly u knock ur self dead min elwanasaaa mn no3eyat akelhom..
    d.TASTE!! aham shy latheeeth like ma63am laatheeth.. ow ma feh zfara.. and u can change anything in ur food.. (e.g.) ur meal comes with carrots.. u can say walla my fave veggie is broclli and they put it… hate mint..? they take it out.. allergic to something? the computer itself wont allow for foods or recipes that cause ur allergies..

    if u need anything sweets im here.. and know this .. YOU’RE NOT ALONE ;*

    OYEE miss D, you made my day… i’m very happy you to know you and read your blog it makes me very happy. Unfortunately i can’t comment on your blog since i don’t have a blogger bot account :S

    Any how, i chose Diet care because i got an appointment, with Diet center and health company i had to put “was9a” to get an appointment, and this is something i don’t like.. i love going to peaceful places. Inshalla next year when i come back to Kuwait i will visit health company if they have appointments.

    But you know what, Diet care just started so it is growing slowly.
    Thank you again, i’m blessed.

  4. we both know leesh intay za3lana… so dust your self off and try again girl … take it slow and easy .. i’m going in a similar phase, i’m not losing as fast as i used to do, but Eisa fixed my metabolism and now it is getting of my back.

    Next week i’m all yours so get ready and pray for me

    OK .. MAMA JUDY!

  5. OK here are my thughts:
    are you taking measurments? if you are working out, maybe you are gaining muscles? You also need to do fat test. Your goal should be losing fat not weight.

    yes dear shopa, i lost 1 inch from all over my body excluding my thighs. 🙂

  6. dude i was like you one day and trust me i know how you feel, its hard i gotta tell it sure does pay off. I was one 150 kg, i now way 75! DON’T GIVE UP!!!

    Teach me teach me teach me 😦 paweeez
    i’ve been doing every single thing i can… but this scale doesn’t move unless i hurt my self and get injured from the hard workout.. now that i’m talking things easy i’m not losing.

  7. Over there, really nearer than devil, a kind makes me remember you and loving you, I have a God and a world of hope. I keep my head up and pride that I’m lover and didn’t forger you.

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