Elysium II

I still have hope in Elysium massages, so i tried another masouse  today..Her massage room was nice, the music was alright -not my taste though- her hands were nice, the bed was way too sexy; sleeping on that bed alone aroused my senses.

The massage was alright, i lost a kilo after it yet, i have tried better.. i wouldn’t go to her again but i would definitely try another kind of massage in Elysium.

I give it 8 out of 10


  1. Hey, just came across your blog.
    Just wanted to say you’re doing a great job with your eating habits and losing weight… keep it up! =) Also, join a gym if you plan on moving. I tried saying I’ll do some videos at home, or go on the treadmill and bike everyday bs I never did. I recently joined a gym and I’m actually going at least 3 times a week. Working out while other seeing other people working out is encouraging.

    G’luck and keep us posted =)

    Thank you Dishevelled, i’m doing very good working out at home Beachbody.com tapes are excellent.
    I will keep you posted.

  2. how can a massage make you lose weight????

    There are slimming massages that work on breaking fat cells .. but i do lose weight from the retained water in my body

  3. Yeah I heard about this kind of massage, but is it true about losing weight I mean dose it work ?

    The slimming massage is really good, i tried it before and lost 2 cm all over my body from 4 sessions only, others lost more. But what i did today was deep tissue massage, it is good for the muscles and water retention.

  4. Wow good luck

    Thank you dear Cozy

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