Day 4 of Self Care

Weight 99.5 morning, 100 night.

Size: 16-18 US

It has been four days now since i started taking care of my meals without diet care, i’ve been using the same concept with -what i think- a slight change in the calorie intake yet the same idea of zig zag diet.

Green tea is on my list, three cups daily.Digestion is going great, even my skin looks better.

Workout: an hour of walking, jogging, stepper, steeper or what ever it is called, ten minutes each for 60 minutes and daily long slow walks for the older ones i’m accompanied with.  Next week i’ll start yoga and cardio.

Measures, half a centimeter is lost .. so a total of 2.4 inches.

Now what is really annoying me is the back pain, oh gosh , since i lost my abs the back pain is unbearable as well as the heel pain. Away from physical pain, the sizing pain.. why the hell i let my self gain so much weight !! being size 20 UK is ugly every thing looks like a tent. LOL! a moving tent .

I think marijuana should be legalized in Kuwait.