Day 13 of Self Care

Weight 99 Kg morning.. Night 99.5 Kg

Since I’m not in the middle east anymore, i decided to check out the family M.D. for checkup on weather my diet is healthy or not, the results came in to shock me.

They did many blood and physical tests, in their regard, the 1000 Cal. diet zigzagging between 1150 and 950 Kcal is putting my body into what dietitian’s call “starvation phase” which explains the reason my weight stops for several weeks now on the same weight without being lost. So now i am on a 1500 kcal per day zigzagging between 1200 and 1600 kcal which, to tell you the truth after getting used to small portion of meals with diet care i can’t reach those calories unless i eat a chocolate bar or any kind of a rich snack twice a week.

My weight is any less than the past week but my sizes are amazingly half an inch less which means this diet is working well.

On the other hand, my working out routine had been pure cardio, next week i will start my new routine combination between cardio and muscles work along with yoga.

I noticed everyone on my new building are ordering pizza these days? the elevator kills me with the luscious smell.  I hate pizza but now i love it … so you naughty boys out there stop I’m craving your pizza 😛

I can’t wait to be back to the desert, i miss it already.. too much green isn’t good for bint il 9a7ra.

LOVE YOU KUWAIT! can you please love us back?

My Regards to ya’ll