Day 38 of Self Care

I’ve been doing the 1400 Kcal diet , 350-500 Kcal per each meal and balancing the rest of the day depending on the meal intake of calories. I never exceeded 1550 calories per day.

My current weight is 99.0 Kg  which means i didn’t lose anything from the day i left Kuwait. Right here i don’t eat junk food or ready made food, i cook my self the same portions Diet care used to bring me. Even though i’m working at home alot and at work too.. the weight loss isn’t rapid

The hardest thing in my diet these days is that my colleagues at work they tend to eat everything that i can’t have (baked potatoes, chips, McDonalds, Ice cream, Cookies, Chocolates, Dreambars, Muffins..etc) I’ve been holding my self very well. In these 38 day i have chocolate twice and they were the 100 Cal. per bar chocolates.

I think i need to see my nutritionist here again! Specially that i have no freakin time to workout unless i had to do it at 1 am !  My daily schedules been: wake up at 7, go out, come back for supper, clean the house , study, sleep at 1 am and i barely sleep -i’m still jet lagging.

I really feel my self “محرومة”

Can’t wait to live healthy and break some necks.