Diet and Marriage


One thing i learned out of this experience, marriage and diet don’t go together..  specially when  your spouse is a great cook and his part time job is in-home chef, there is no way on earth i can lose this fat.Yet, Exercise and marriage work VERY WELL together , he nags alot.. i hit the gym and then we are happy .

Now i am on the 1400 cal diet, Thank god i can taste his yummy food, keeping a written diary of my food intake, fat grams per day and grams of carbohydrates per day. One thing shocked me, a subway tuna sandwich has 30 grams of fat, imagine you are eating two table spoons of butter .

I am aware of my food, i am aware of that i put into my stomach, we really need to get nutrition fact on all of our food in Kuwait, that’s the only way to know.

I noticed Toast has sugar, as well as fish fingers. Citric Acid, and other chemicals play an important role in slowing ones metabolism and  helps the fat to be stored instead of burned.

My sweet Dietitian gave me a pedometer which is always attached to my waist from the time i wake up until i sleep, i should have 10,000 steps per day.. and my steps range between 3,000 to 7,000 if i walked alot that day. This means i need 1:30 hours of walking daily just to reach 7,000 steps.

  • Current Weight: 100Kg 
  • Target Weight: 55 Kg
  • Kilos to lose: 45 Kg
  • Kilos to be lost per week: 1-2 Kg
  • Start Date: Oct 14th, 2007
  • Date to Target: May 6th, 2008
  • Grams of Carbs per day: 90 grams
  • Grams of Fat per day: 9 grams of fat
  • Grams of Protein per day: 18 grams
  • Vegetables intake per day: As much as i can at least three servings a day
  • Fruits per day: two
  • Milk: 2 servings a day (including cheese and yogurt) 

From now on, every day counts.


  1. gowa ya 7elwa
    Shofy with 1200 cal per day, I eat what ever I want. but I limit the sugar intake
    I try to have more fiber too.
    Lost a lot of weight and I do walk 2-3 times a week and often eat subway veg. sandwich
    also, I sometimes have the tuna one…530 cal, not bad. I don’t count fat nor carb…cal only and it worked 🙂

    write everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that u eat. look at it and let it sink…you will be shocked heheheh

    I’m here for you dear…always


    Right now i’m singing DaDa Da the Olympics song 🙂 .. i feel the heat girl… thank you lulu thank you thank you thank you.
    inshalla i can’t wait for that day. girl the first thing my dietitian told me about subway tuna sandwich.. it has 30 grams of fat! mosh 3awza amooot LOL
    now i’m sticking to more green.. khanshoof.
    Thanks lulu.

  2. goodluck!

    Thanks dear

  3. Wala good for u. It’s always gr8 to be more health conscious, whether ur on a mission to lose some weight or while u’re maintaining a healthy weight. I wish u the best of luck and keep in mind that the more muscule ur body has, the faster ur metabolism (or so i was told). So as long as ur working out, its ok to increase ur food intake a little u know. But since ur trying to lose the weight, 1,400 seems reasonable with exercise.

    Btw, where did u get that pedometer from?

    Dear Shoush, thank you very much for your support… more muscles.. is a killer with my body fat.. but i’m working on it.
    Pedometer check out this LINK

  4. LOL! Yeah Good luck but babe I know you can do it! 🙂

    Thank you chikapappi, i hope i will reach that target.. maleet min il mitin and the feeeling of being larger than everyone.

  5. Aaakh diets.. 😦

    But good foor u! ur doing great. keep it up!

    This lady Says, thank you.. diets are new life style.. just like new friendships and hobbies.

  6. Diet is not good enough, you need exercise!

    Yeah 10,000 steps/day = three hours of temeshy 🙂

  7. wishing you all the best! you’ve got a way to go, but take it step by step!

    bbq8, Thank you dear.. step by step it is.

  8. Diet plus gym. Gym is more important. Good luck!

    Dear Rahul, Working out causes many physical problems that runs in my genetics… we are trying to avoid that by just being very active.
    Thank you .

  9. in addition to ur stairmaster i suggest dancing 😀 yaaa girl turn on one of the music channels and dance along while u do the chores!! or perhaps u can find join a dance class.

    I personally think 45 kilos in 6 months is a bit unrealistic. Not to disappoint you, but it is hard. Plus, you don’t wanna lose all that weight quickly 3ashan to give ur body a chance madri maybe if you lose it too fast you’ll sag :/

    And one more thing we’re watching your every step ;p so u better keep us updated!

    heheheh,,, i will i will 🙂 dancing is a bit hard.. my hubby 3endah laws o kharabee6 to shakes.. but i will try it.
    thank you love.. the 45 kg is a target.. i should reach close to it even if it was less… hadaf.
    i will post something new now 😛

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