One Big Mistake

One big mistake i did.. i told him (min yoom ily tezawagna o ana sha3ry ye7et)

i never thought this would be something very bad to say, he cried, he actually cried like a baby… kisar kha6ry min galb.

I mean for some reason i loved him more, you know when a baby cries after you yell at him.. like with no voice bas dmoo3..? that was his face with is eyebrows making the number 8 in arabic.

Who would believe a masculine man would cry because of my words?!

Because i was too shocked i hugged him.. then a thought came to my mind and i had to ask him ” Are you sure you are Kuwaiti?” LOOL and i cracked up. Here his Kuwaitiness came out at me “7emday rabich eny a3ezech” LOL

And the rest was history.

My fool little husband has some good genes when it comes to emotions, i think i should ask my friends to isolate his genes and sell them to all women married to Kuwaiti grumpy men LOL!

This is Fight no. 12 since we got married.


  1. 🙂 enshallah you will never fight again

    Ameeeeeeen 🙂

  2. ENshallah you wont fight again 🙂 I hate fights!!!

    Thank you thank you 🙂 yes i wish

  3. fighting is the spice of marriage

    that was so sweeeet

    eshda3wa: you are very welcome to fight with him 🙂
    Thanks dear.

  4. and when did you get married?

    The 248 day of the year , sept. 5th.

  5. ma fahamt.. u told him ina sha3rich iy7it ? wila shino? :p

    Yes exactly

  6. So cute that ur keeping count. 😛

  7. hope u never fight, but that was so sweet of him!

    His sweet ! 7aaaaaamith 🙂
    Thank you dear

  8. I always say that the after fight sex is the best thing…..!!!

    That if the couple make up and forget what happened.

  9. I appreciate you’ve borrowed a pic from my website (the crying child) but I would appreciate it more if you just download it for yourself an upload it to your own server. I am not a webhost.

    Thank you.


    • Thank you for allowing me to post it, sorry for that will dowload it.

      Btw it’s a great picture

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