I just realized the stairmaster under my bed is highly effective.  Since i have to walk 1o,000 steps per day, i realized i can do 500 steps in 5 minutes 🙂  putting it into calculation, two hours would do the steps needed for one day.

The Question is, would i be able to do 2 hours?

I will give it a try for 15-30 minutes , then we will see.



  1. Hurray!

    hehehe 🙂
    thank you Shoush

  2. that’s great!! but 2 hours is a lot tara. If you can’t do 15 minutes, break it up to 3 times a day

    EE i just read something about pedometers they said i should increase 500 steps per week.. so i am staying in that range 🙂

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