Fight 13

Here we are fighting again over a piece of paper… yes an old receipt

Me: 7abeby do you want this receipt?

Him (drinking water to go out.. shouting) : Wagtah al7een .. i don’t know.. stop cleaning.. theba7teneey  ga3da 3ala bal3oomy

Me: – – – Ok i wont touch it (and i throw my things)

Him (giving me the paper) : khala9 khala9 ge6eeha.. o ge6ay hathool ba3ad

Me: Are you sure, this seems like a list

Him: ee ee mabeeha ma teftahmeen

Me, quite all the time until we left the house and walked to our dinner. 

Him: la3at chabdy ana betseer feney qor7a…  i will get heart attack… walla zeena you will bring me astrok….  bla bla bla

Once i was in bed tears covered my pillow… what the hell did i do.. we both were working for 17hours all day yesterday and he just came from the massage appointment i gave him.. what did i do? what have i done in the past month?!

So i asked him , what did i do to get all that?

He answered: 3asany amoot!

Hatha shfeeh! this is the 3rd time he says this word from the day we got married.

Dinner was bad, i stayed quite all the time until the next day.. he needs to understand what he is doing.

Today i woke up to see him sitting on the chair next to our bed holding a paper filled with red and pink hearts saying

” I’m Sowey “

and he had that baby look on his face, i couldn’t resist forgetting about our fight.. but he can’t keep on fighting in that way.

 His status on facebook was ” In love with wifey”


  1. all couples fight, at least he apologizes when he’s wrong and tries to be cute. some guys u won’t even hear the words sorry from them. bs if he tries to fight ekhthee 3ala gad 3aglla hopefully he’ll grow out of it.

    akhtha 3ala gad aglah and do what exactly? listen to him saying bamoot o betmawteeney?!

  2. oh my gosh… 9ij inah ma9akhha but gosh so cute girl..
    maybe there is something stressing him at work or something in his family and doesn’t want to talk about it.
    and maybe he can’t express his feelings (but thats not your husband that i know :P)

    tell him judy tells you .. ya tet2adab ya yekasroon asnanik 😛

    Judeyoooo city haneeeem LOOL – I KNOW- ta3alay how did i forget about it !! hehehe.. now i know how to scare him if he starts another fight. ya bint i want him to stay calm for one week bas nabe 3yaaaal ! LOL
    love you girl.. love you to the 9ameem intay o a7lamich lol.. miss you gomar walla miss you…
    yalla get married o fekeeena lets make a club of zeena and judy the married pillows LOL!

  3. 3adee ath7aak 3al fight? wela rude ;p ? ambeeh 7asaaait nas eymoton 3ala ba3ath bas mo met7mlen ba3ath…

    3ade the7kay… LOL!
    yeah you are right… bs 3ad etha zad il shay 3an 7ada.. yengelb theda!

  4. Why men need to apologise allways ? All the years that i have been married my wife has never apoologised once … even when its her fault ! …
    ! women !:D

    yeah whatever! now its his fault so don’t start! BTW your wife is a snob 😛

  5. I feel sad after reading this post!!! I hate fights…

    I hate them too… but what can we do?!

  6. hehehe… Zeeenatoo fetha7teena ya bint.
    want me married?! leesh you hate me hal kithir 😛
    If you get me someone like your man, i would say yes :P~
    Come over here, let’s check out Halloween.. i’m very lonely here TA3ALAAAAY! pronto

    lah mabe.. you have some good chocolate.. intay mojrema mabe

  7. i think ur gona hav to be the adult in ur relationship :/ how old is he if u dnt mind me asking?

    The adult.. like do what?
    He is 34

  8. Maybe u 2 shud sit down and u tell him exactly wats bothering u about all this and ask him to explain and also let him tell u wat ur doing thats bothering him etc. and clear things out on the spot. Maybe there’s some sort of misunderstanding going on. It’s good to catch that early b4 it gets more complicated.

    Good luck.

    Yeah we can’t sit and talk about such a thing.. he doesn’t like it because it brings his tears .. 7asaas ba3ly
    Thank you Shoush

  9. Maybe if u start crying first he won’t cry. 😛

    Once i cried.. he made a big fuss about it .. and said bad stories about me being un happy and sensitive to my family. i wont do it again LOL!

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