Obesety and Marriage

Back in school days.. all my friends where thin and beautiful, they all knew how to dance very nicely and talked like mature women – in that case i mean like my mother and her friends- they used to wonder who will get married first and how they want their husband to be like and the rest of prince charming thoughts of teenage girls.

On our graduation day from high school all the girls gathered and each one of them pointed her opinion on who will get married first.. they pointed on every single girl in the group and i was left out, counted as i will get married. Every one believed that i will never get married because of my big full figure, they all said “yeah you will be the last one to get married unless you lose your fat” I even remember once one of my friends’ aunts said ” Zeena shouldn’t think of her white dress, who wants a big girl” And there my weight loss fight started.

I always wondered what is wrong with big girls, we have feelings too , we can love better than those Modelish (superficial girls) ones, we can even make a man happy without spending all his bank account. Since then i started to meet big girls. I thought maybe the giggley fat is disgusting or maybe men built ideas in their head or maybe women build those ideas in mens head..! I wonder! i still do wonder.

I had 6 obese girl friends and 4 chubby ones they all got married while those girls from high school they are still single – i wish they get engaged soon .. and now out of our group one chubby girl (actually she is bigger than i am but she got covered and saved her fat from sparkling) is getting married soon too and not to forget i got married too. For some reason all the 10 fat girls bonded very well together even though we had very different backgrounds but our heavy looks made us understand each other very well.

One of the obese girls got married through family, her cousin. The rest of us got married from a pre-marriage relationships some were love others were attraction. The funny thing we all married athletes too ! how awkward specially in Kuwait athletic men usually have those certain modlish girls in their arms and they never respect girls like us.

Look at us today!

Even though i have some anger issues with my husband i still see the love sparks between us.

Now the question is, what is it about us that our men chose us? what is in common between our men? And how are they different from other Kuwaiti men?

Here is what we decided to do, each one of us decided to ask her hubby “why did you chose to marry me and not a modelish looking girl? The answers had one thing in commen, they all agreed that if they became muscular then we can be thin. Which i thought that is very fair from our hubbies side and very sweet.

Now here is my question to you, what about big women and Obese women that others don’t like?