Apetite Pills

a loving womb
After all the struggles with weight loss, pregnancy came along to kick my emotions down the hill. Usually i would eat and eat and eat until my stomach hurts. This time this pain feels very different from any other pain. I had a little soul in me that is no more there, a new baby that was about to come to this world and make me and moon parents.

Now that i lost that little fetus, i don’t feel like eating, actually i am having a different kind of eating disorder right now, not excess of calories or high sugar/fat type of food. I am struggling from not eating at all. I lost my appetite with the loss of the new soul. I can’t eat, i don’t feel like eating so for now i am on pill to regain my appetite ! weird ha!

I wouldn’t thought in million years to be 100KG with a 30 BMI and on appetite increasing pills !

Well thank god for everything, this phase is making my husband have something to joke about, how lousy my womb is.

SO now i walk two hours daily, and should eat very basic three meals including three bites of dessert and lots of fruits and vegetables. Until now i can rarely have two meals which one of them is rice /potato with yogurt and a meal of chicken soup with jello.

We named our little fetus.. we named him/her Salam (peace) .


Dear Readers,

Sorry for my disappearance and lack of updating. I went through tough health problems.. unfortunately i had a miscarriage pregnancy. No words can explain , i have no tongue to speak or power to write.

Thank you all.