Dear Readers,

Sorry for my disappearance and lack of updating. I went through tough health problems.. unfortunately i had a miscarriage pregnancy. No words can explain , i have no tongue to speak or power to write.

Thank you all.



  1. I’m sorry dear ;*

    I don’t know how it feels but I’ve been arund people who experienced it. Things will be ok.

    Thank you dear Shopa, you are right.. things are ok.

  2. sorry to hear that, oo 1000 salamat.

    Thank you pearls.


  3. Sorry to hear that!! Sallamat…

    Thanks .

  4. 7abeebty (big hug) inshalla you will get pregnant and have a dozen of those little creatures 😉

    now its a trend on middle east to misscary the first kid.. so you are following il moda 🙂
    min gadich kashkha 😛

    3ad tadreen iny makent ba7mel.. bas madry min 7amalt te3alagt… tageen estrogen sawa 7arakat?
    Love you sis.. i miss you too .. yayetich kanat g9eera 😦

  5. Am so sorry to hear that! So sorry for ur loss! Salamtich oo matshoofin shar inshala. Inshala soon enuf u’ll get pregnant again. This happened to a lot of ppl so ur not alone. :* Take care of urself.

    Thank you very much dear Shoush..
    Allah kareem inshalla.

  6. Sorry to here that. Just take your time and start back fresh to reach your goals.

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