Happy Happy Joy Joy

Current weight: 99 Kg

Target weight: 90 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend

Lifestyle: ACTIVE


After the short introduction, all i can say i am happy to do this weight loss program with my friend, it is a great feeling to lose weight with someone close and someone you trust .

In my experience with weight loss and diets are brutal, one day i am happy and energetic, the other i am feeling down and depressed because the scale isn’t moving and so tried from all the work out.

Now with the new life style provided from my weight-loss expert who is OBESE at the moment things seems to be on the happy lane .. working out is not painful anymore , it is fun and energetic. Not eating certain things doesn’t need Lot of self torturing thoughts of “i should have a bite” “no if i had a bite i wont resist”

“stop don’t eat” ” look at that skinny gal” ..etc today i can happily say “No thank you i don’t want to eat this chocolate” without having second thoughts or cravings for a week after.  Or if i was craving something i would happily eat some of it and stop after couple of bites because there is no such a thing as -you can’t eat a bite- as what Dr. Atkins claimed in his book “A bite is a kiss of failure” that’s not true, this little bite gave me the feeling that i can eat what ever i want, but i can’t pig out on food because of many reasons that i already believe in.

From my believes food is for energy, for our organs to function well, for our brain to send its chemistry all over my body, just like making love, or cooking Rice -nice way to put it- it you do it too little it will never cook, or your partner will never get aroused, but if you over do it you will kill the romance and ruin the rice.

I really can’t stop thanking my friend for helping me out, what she is doing to me is great, I’m happy within my own skin, eating small meals and RICH ones too, having a cup to 2 cups of salad per meal, and a soup to start my meal with.  Drinking plenty – i mean  ALOT- of water, cold and warm BOTH are important, having a 30 minute cardio every morning and yoga or Pilate’s every other evening, she recommended swimming, i didn’t do that yet.. but i will soon. Taking my multivitamin dosage daily from two servings of fruit, two servings of milk products and i can still have a bar of Sneakers 🙂 the regular size.

Yes, i’ve been eating all kinds of the deserts i love, cheese cake, chocolates, muffins.. you name it. But, i have to drink something warm before i start eating any of those yummy things – caffeine free drinks-  i went with warm water, green tea my favorite then before taking any bite i have to take three deep breaths eat a bite, then another six deep breaths , then nine deep breath. it really made me stop pigging out on those foods. I even eat french fries the exact same way.

The new lifestyle is LOVELY.

Simple techniques to happy weight loss.