Like every normal person  i do have white stretch marks, I saw the last commercial on bio oil that would make your stretch marks disappear, i was very happy i tried it all over my body.The oil smelled really good and was absorbed so quickly and left very soft skin behind .

After one weeks of use, the old one 1.7 cm line of white stretch mark on my right shoulder became 4 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. The two 5 cm lines next to my belly botton became more than 7 lines of each side branched like a twig and double their length.

Regardless of  the great depression I’m feeling specially that there is nothing to treat white stretch marks, why on earth would a stretch marks treatments would make them worse?

I used it after reading about it on their website and this review 


  1. oh god!

    shino hatha!

    sue their asses!

  2. oh god ! you have to do something about it and sue them like eshda3wa said !! don’t just let it pass call them !

    and there’s no magical potion that lets the marks dissapear you have to use professional stuff and massage daily for a long time until they dissapear

  3. Best treatment would be laser!!

  4. You should have read reviews here: – only 2.8 stars out of 5, reviewed by REAL people.

    The damage is done :S .. its ok now i learned to love them.
    Thank you for the site..

  5. Beeeeeeeeeeee patient gal, it doesnt work wonders overnite! wait for three months, 3 loooooong good months and results will be evident. Otherwise lol.

    To have more stretch marks ?! no way jose !!

  6. maybe you got fatter?

  7. Maybe it became bigger because your skin become softer and more pliable? Anyhow, its a shame about the white stretch marks. But don’t worry about it so much! EVERY body has them. And they are not that noticable. If there is a gal with a smoking hot body and a few faded stretchmarks, nobody cares. So go on, be brave, and confident. Its not the stretchmarks anyone is looking at, okay?

    Look on the bright side, other than stretchmarks you have absolutely beautiful skn. You are young and vital. You don’t have blackheads on the back of your thighs and arms. I have that problem including stretchmarks. And dark knees. I hate my dark knees.

    But I will allow all that if I could get a smoking hot body.

    Dear Ruby,
    your words have really lifted my spirit up 🙂
    i have a great solution for black heads, rub your body 15 minutes before showering with half a cup of olive oil mixed with 1/4 cup lemon juice and you’ll see great results after couple of weeks.
    I also scrub my body alot 🙂
    Thank you again.

  8. i am not sure where you live, but on the web you can order a product called Mother’s Friend. It is a stretch mark cream. I have found that it is the best and Bio-Oil doesn’t even hold a candle to it. And it is less expensive than bio-oil. As a pregnant big girl I feel your pain and then some. i have been using Mother’s Friend for years, way before I ever even thought of having children.

    Dear Adrian,
    Thank you for the advice, i’m still looking for this product

  9. Stretch marks suck. Don’t worry..we all have them. At the end of the day no matter what products are used in my opinion, people will still suffer at the hands of those ugly discolored nasty things,don’t let them get you down..they don’t make you so don’t let them break you. ;))

  10. I used bio oil on my face and broke out in zits. The worse thing was my eyeslids.
    They swelled up for a whole week and became red and sore. I broke out in styes all around my lash folicles. I had to wear sunglasses for a week. It still isn’t gone. My eyelids are itching and sore and there is still some swelling and redness.

  11. i think you just got fatter, if you put weight on ofcourse they will grow.

  12. i’m using bio oil it seems to be working after a week!

    • thats interesting, it didn’t work well with me … take pictures lets see the difference in the lines

  13. thought of buying it but now iam afraid of the effect i will get.

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