Back In Kuwait

And here i am back to the country of Happy people with no positive words to hear, Rich people with cheap mentalities, Good family names with bad attitudes.

That’s how my first week in Kuwait is. My friends have changed no one cared to even call, my family have changed they don’t say anything happy, and whenever i am out of the house i would see old friends run to them to say hi until i see them giving me their back and leaving.

Today i stopped greeting anyone on the streets because i am sure they are seeing me , i make sure they see me.  My brothers don’t respect me anymore specially in front of my husband, when ever i say something they would make fun of my believes and my opinion even if its right, we were teasing each other alot in the past but never hurt anyone of us, today the teasing is having a different meaning in this country.

From teasing to manner, people lack manners in this country, no one is respecting the law, no one is respecting older people, no one is respecting the fact that this handsome man is walking with his wife or this women is with another MAN! and the worst part is when someone helps you and you thank him/her aaah !!! since when thank you because a flirt!!!

What happened to you people ? Why have you all changed ? Why are you all rude and disrespectful? Aren’t you all calling for the name of islam and its manners !! show us something from that holy book if you are truly Moslem’s not ass kissers!

I’m all paranoid now, i’m scared to be alone or let my husband go to his friends alone ! gosh what happen to those people!


  1. Not all of us 7aram. The good one (cough,like me,cough) are in hiding like you.

  2. Hey,
    I have noticed a lot of that too, but just thought it was because I am a foreigner here. I have wondered if people don’t compliment much because of the ‘masha’Allah’ aspect, or if they are just self-absorbed. Either way, it gets tiring always being the one making the effort. I guess if you do it with the right niyyah then it doesn’t really matter, but I agree it is hard!
    Best wishes and welcome home? 🙂

  3. Welcome back to glorious Kuwait!
    What can I say? I totally agree with all the above. In Kuwait, it seems that being nice = to being naive. So, people try to walk all over you. If you smile at work and are friendly, men take it as flirting and women start with the back-stabbing. People find it alright to ignore you because they can’t be bothered to say hello for whatever reason. Yet, they lick your a$$ when they need something from you.
    A good proportion of people in Kuwait are unable to love and accept others. They make you feel that what you believe in is all wrong and that their way is right and yours is wrong. This also extends to family here, as I rarely met families that are loving and accepting of the individuality of their children.
    Sad to say that I have not made one single sincere friendship with a Kuwaiti girl and yet I did with non-Kuwaiti (I mean from other GCC) and ever sadder to say that the only longing I feel to Kuwait is for my husband…

  4. MiYaFuSHi: we have to make the good one shine then 🙂 Thank you for visiting good women .

    Carly: I wonder what is going up their minds, i tell you this is not how people used to be in this country, we were known for being so friendly, I’m sorry you had to go through this too, i thought foreigners are loved!


  5. I know how you feel but frankly I don’t think that they’ve changed. If you’ve been out of the country then you’ve evolved and they didn’t.

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  7. People just never seem to give you a chance , do they?

  8. Trust me there ARE people like you who are looking for people like you… It takes time. I’ve experienced coming back to Kuwait after a while abroad and found it a little hard too. Mashala Kuwaities change rapidly over time..

  9. Trust me there ARE people like you who are looking for people like you… It takes time. I’ve experienced coming back to Kuwait after a while abroad and found it a little hard too. Mashala Kuwaities change rapidly over time..

  10. hi….i know that you feel sad and angry and hurt. remember, the worst times in life are the times when you need to hold on to your strength and self confidence. you now know who are the people that really care about you. don’t worry about what others think of you as long as you are sure that what you’re doing is not 7aram or 3aib, then its okay. now about losing weight, that can cause really serious illnesse. some of those people actually care about your health, not how you look on the outside. remember to hang on, and always do what’s best for u and your family.

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