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Current weight: 82 Kg

Target weight: 80 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Starting date with this new diet : Jan 29th, 2008

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend )

Lifestyle: 30 minutes full body workout, 30 minutes 90 days plan, 30 minutes stretching

I don’t believe my eyes … it has been 5 months now and i’ve lost more than 20 kilos on judy’s very easy weight loss plan !!! i can’t believe my eyes, i can’t believe my size .. i am size 16 now i used to be size 20 , even though judy her self she is still wearing size 18 , but hey it is working for me better than it is for her hehehehehe 🙂 i love you judy .. and i love my tight , fit body.

People shut up i am a size 16 now hehehehe i don’t look obese anymore .. and they call me CHUBBY !

The last time i posted something my target weight was 90.. look at me now .. my target weight is 80 !! , ten kilograms less 🙂

Judy Abbott, Thank you for helping me and changing my life. I can’t wait until i’m size 10, weighting 60 kilo grams without flabby skin which you managed to take off.

Dear readers,

I am a successful biggest loser heheheehehehe.. wait for my pictures soon 🙂

lets all cheer Judy , if it wasn’t for her, i would’ve been still running from one nutritionist to the other finding a suitable way to lose weight.

Love you all.