Zeena is back

Yes I am back but this time with a total differant person today I am a working women and single. It took me more than a year to get over Khalid and until today I don’t know what happened or what changed but I know for sure I miss him and there is nothing on earth will bring me back to him. Today I am a happy single working women with a career that doesn’t seem very enlightining either but i love what I do. And love whom I have become.

You might wonder did you lose weight?
With a big smile on my face that’s why I am here again Zeenas still struggling with her weight.

After my trauma with Khalid I let my self go, to a level that I forgot what color was on my head or what time usually breakfasts are. I slept more, lived in isolation and gained good number of kilos.

Today I weight 107kg with body fat of 40% which means I can die any second now. The challenge to lose app that weight and keep stress free to succeed at my job.

My current diet plan is what I like to call “back to basic” which means every single meal should contain the basic five nutrients (i.e. Vegetables, milk products, carbs, protiens and peas) started out well and started to build my energy and now I can hit the gym again after not being able to leave the bed.

Zeena is a new person eating greens and organic food; no more dining out unless it’s a gathering

No more fried food which is a very common dish in Kuwait, fried food is almost on every meal, and workout for am hour a day.

Am a happy free birdeven though am walking on a cloud.

Love you all
P. S. I read all of ur comments thank you for the kindest words on earth, I’ll reply to each one of them soon.

Love love
Zeena McSea :*


  1. Welcome bk 🙂

  2. thank you shoosh 🙂

  3. Welcome back, look forward to hearing about your diet adventure this time.
    I’m starting my diet tomorrow. I’m carrying alot of excess pregnancy weight and it’s really time to get it shifted!

  4. Nice to see you are taking positive moves in the right direction, i will come back to see your results mate.

    fat burners

    • Many thanks that truly encouranging

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