I am the old me , I am the new me!

Current weight: 105 Kg — :/

Target weight: 104.300 Kg

Target to date: Sept. 25th , 2010

Yes indeed i have a weekly target .. Let me tell you the story..

On the jet plane out of Kuwait i decided to put all my sadness behind my back like i did million and one times ago and i said “My failure will just make me win smarter” I am Zeena Mc Sea and i made things happen in the past for others now it is my time to make things happen for me, only me, only Zeena. I will do what Zeena wants not what she thinks other might want her to do, i will eat only what i want to eat not what they serve in front of me, i will eat chocolates when i want to grab one not when i see it, i will work out when i want to work out not when they tell me how fat i got, i will do it this time and i will do it smart.  That was on my mind during the 5 hours flight and here i am.

After many searches and after googling many subjects “i want to forget him, how?” or “why did he leave me” or “do i still love him?” to searching “Best way to mend a broken heart” And AHA!!! here it was! ehow website advising how to get out of a broken relationship and how to start all over again. First rule is to put small targets, approachable and achieve them. With every target you will have your motivation and self esteem higher and higher. 2nd rule is to focus on other things such as a hobby when ever the man i loved comes to my mind…3rd and 4th rule i’ll leave them for later.

I stopped at the 2nd rule and decided to start from today on this airplane to stop thinking of Khalid, my sexy broad shoulder Khalid, the 180 athletic abs Khalid, the one who smelled like fresh lemons mixed with arabian bokhour, those brown curls and long lashes and of course his deep voice. Khalid i still love him but he is no longer going to be part of my life. at landing i bought a new story to read whenever Mr. hottie comes to my mind and my answers were all in front of me, here is to new beginning and here is to Zeena Mc Sea.

This is exactly how Becky Bloomingwood put it, she’s a shopaholic who keeps on trying and trying one time after the other to control her spending and i am foodaholic and lazyaholic and i will make it work this time. I hired a trainer to make me work out at least 3 times a week, i always found a way to ditch her, just like Becky but when Becky had a broken heart she wiped off her tears and did something only for her just Becky and here i start my journey.

Arriving at the beautiful country was the start to Zeena the new diva 🙂 yes i am a new diva and i will fall in love soon with another hot Khalid or you know what i will fall in love with a hotter guy that has nothing to do with silly Khalid. He will protect me and never make me feel insecure. Today i start my small goal for this trip.

Two weeks without any meat or chicken, just fish and vegetables with at least 6 glasses of water that i forget to drink during working hours. I will eat at least half the portions i used to before, the plan is set for 2 weeks and am ready to rumble. Without any notice i get jet lag and sick and by natures force i can only eat bread and drink soda and tea to help my tummy. Two weeks are done, the beautiful trip is over and my goal is achieved.. am so proud of me (aren’t you?)

Back to Kuwait, here i am with a new goal but weight i lost 4 kilo, i left the country weighting 109 Kg and now am 105 Kg i deserve a gift and so i bought my self some new clothes to look nice. Now i am on another goal to lose at least 0.7Kg per week and so far so good i  love 0.5 Kg and just 300 grams are left till Friday. Am proud and excited to reach my goal because life is all about goals isn’t it.. am an achiever 🙂 a, Zeena who can make it happen…

Yes my dear readers, i love my self like never before. Now no one can tell me things that put me to tears, i have the reply right away..and am shocked just like you, what made me have all this strength to speak up and stand for my self with high esteem and confidence.. of course ! how can i not know !!! ?

Because i am Zeena Mc Sea and i make things happen.