Target target here i come

Currnet weight : 103.2 Kg
Last weeks weight : 105 Kg
This week target was: to lost 0.5 Kg
Weight lost : 1.8 Kg

Do I have to say more??

Good days everyone, beautiful weekend for me and you and all of you. The small target plan is working for the first week now, I have lost almost 2 kilos of wieght my cousins weddig dress that didn’t fit me last month now I can close the zipper on my own -ofcourse wth a corset underneath- but who cares am doing it people I am losing weight on my own with my own simple diet of just eating less and more healthier.

Yes that’s true I don’t feel am doing any diet, am dining out mostly once a week where I can eat any greasy meal that I want and the rest of the week am sticking to a less protien more vegetables ad fruits plan even if I eat out I enjoy my dressing on the side green salad and or my beans soup as for dinner an if I went out for lunch I’d eat green salad with the dressing -half the dressig portion- with 2-3 bites only fork bites from the person eatig infront of me 🙂

I can stop smilling am going there! Am losing weight! And happy !!!

Just month ago I was so depressed and felt the whole world hate me, I still feel unloved sometimes but many other times I dontcare because I love me, I love Zeina.

Love your self my dear readers to be able to give love to others just like the air mask on airplanes = oxygen for you first then the person next to you.

I love you all 🙂 my target for next week is 0.6 Kg less 🙂 am adding 100 gram to my target every week eventhough I lost more !! YIpPpPpPpY !!!!!!