I am Zeena and I’m telling you a secret!

2010 has turned its pages and left me with great satisfaction, no great weightloss achievements but am content and ready for 2011.. this year i don’t have a resolution like every year.. this year i have 365 resolutions, i am planing day by day to greater target ..

1-1-2011: A day filled with fun and laughter, lots of food and music [ all is done well with little less music ]

2-1-2011: eat 1 apple and 1 cup of salad, workout 1 hour and spend good quality of family time, sleep early and have all prayers complete

3-1-2011: and so on…


Here i am Zeena with the revealed secret of the none stop weight loss struggles .. 2011 … with 365 days .. this resolution should come to an end.