Work Vs. Weight loss

Dear readers… today am upset, depressed, and struggling. It has been 2 years ever since I was with my beloved husband… and still I didn’t see him. I’ve been working ever since and guess what .. am frustrated .. am the only one who can stay after working hours to finish my work because am fat, you would think whats the relation.. let me tell you…

When you are fat you live with pain , back pain, foot pain, chest pain , muscle aches, neck pain and even pain when you are hungry…working till there is no tomorrow will just be one of those pain that am used to live with.

am tired, I can’t have any leaves, I can’t work less .. everything is loaded over my head … how can I stop this ? how I can have time after work to have a proper meal and then meet with my friends or work out … it has been 2 weeks that am trying to hit the gym with no luck… because am hurt with the work pain until 7 pm every day…. it this healthy?

Zeena it not happy today… and feels lonely and unloved… and hungry…

when will i be out of this misery ?

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