Stuck in myself

Weight: 107 kg
Size: 18 American

Totally stuck!

What else can I say, stuck at work, stuck in life, stuck in my body and health. After working out once for 40 minutes of pure low passé of cardio and ever sense am sick. Is there anything in this world would make me lose weight and happy at the same time…

Very upset Zeena !!!


  1. why dont you do an operation? although its painful its also safe and proved to work!

    Dear meem:
    Medically am not allowed to do the surgery, good reason to loose weight physically and mentally.


  2. There are all sorts of different ways of working out you can try so maybe you can find something that you can enjoy doing. Dancing for example, great fun and a pretty good workout as well.

  3. Don’t give up try to find something you love doing. Even if its going for a long walk in nature its a start and something to build upon. If exercise doesn’t appeal to you, you could try a food journal to try to get a hold on your eating habits.

  4. The thing about food is that you have to rule it, and not let it rule you. You have to remember that you can only get out of something what you put in, so exercise and healthy eating all the way is the way forward.

  5. It all goes to the simple rule we have all heard a million times. To be sucessful and maintain your weight loss goal; you have to change your behavior in a way that you can maintain today, tomorrow and into the future. Ever one should realize were not in this alone. 70 percent of americal is overweight in 2011, 30 percent of adults are obese. This is just a reminder that we need to pay attention to the psychology that surounds us. Thank you for being honest about your feelings. I know how you feeel, been there, done that.

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