After One Year

2012 what a beautiful year, the weather is amazing , people are happy 2011 is gone – even though i believed it did well to me – and the optimism is filling the air. Last post on this blog was from Kuwait, yet i left the country and just came back, here we are again a month in a desert country in the time of elections and Zeena – me – still weighing 3 digits on the scale.

Obviously the weight loss progress is tremendously un achievable until this time my energy levels are not on top of the moon only but on fire to reach the goal for once and all. Just started to have the 7-3 job and the dining out life style that we have in Kuwait.

In Kuwait life revolves around food, girls meet over dinner or lunch if you are lucky to have active friends you will meet for breakfast eggs, cheese, bagels and end it up with delicious breyoush dipped and glazed with sugar cinnamon and nautella chocolate on the side ! OMG ! what we just did ! we ate a 2000 Cal. meal and the subjects during this delicious meal was over a handsome man or how to go under a certain diet.

If you are skinny chick, chubby one or over weight even Obese we all talk about the latest clothes and the latest restaurant in Kuwait. (maybe that should be a post on it own) .Carrying on, today after 1 year of no blogging or looking into my health here i am enjoying online shopping for super sized me – not so cute- eating in the latest American cousin and blogging…

if we rewind all the above in less than 6 months i’ll be in the size of an elephant…


“Zeena wake up” the sound in my head says … ok here i plan for tomorrow … actually today too .. no heavy meals just a good salad and i shall workout at night.


The plan for tomorrow: wake up at 4, workout, go to work, leave work, workout, go home, and then go out

whose supporting on this plan? you my dear readers you will be the reason i keep on coming back to this blog and write more. Will make sure to write every day were is the progress going and how after 3 years i finally achieved my goal.


WOW am optimistic !