zeena potraitA small window into my world, a world of a girl that some might meet randomly and judge or disrespect due to her jiggly curves. A girl, a women, a female, and a lady sharing clips and scenarios from my atmosphere reflecting my humble prospective where, fantasy and reality merge into my eyes flying from the waves of Kuwait Bay.

The rest I’ll save it for you.. warm up your fingers , if you know what i mean.


  1. I love your blog’s design. And I’m starting to like reading you. I admire your strength and courage to go through your diet. I have a weight problem myself.

  2. A distant relative of mine has lost more than 30 kilos and it was a big shock this summer when I saw him. He looked completely different and was vibrating with confidence.

    I know its possible to achieve your goals. It was his persistance that kept him going and I know you could do it too πŸ™‚

    Best of luck. You’ve got all of our support girl πŸ™‚

    Yes it takes lots of effort.. bravo to your relative.. i can’t wait to be 30 kilos lighter πŸ™‚
    thank you for the encouragement.

  3. I have loved your blog for a loooooong time!!!! My heart and prayers are with you, please email me if you ever need a kind word or just to talk. Our lives are sooo similar its almost like your me.

    Dearest Loca in Kuwait,
    I’m really happy that you love my blog and stories πŸ™‚ thank you for your kindness..i’ll save your e-mail.

  4. Zeena,

    How are you doing?

    • πŸ‘

    • Am very good thank you

  5. Feedback on A Diary of An Obese Girl

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    Good job!

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    • Dear Mike, its my pleasure.
      please feel free to send me your entry to my email zeenablog@yahoo.com and i will get back to you .


  6. hello there, i love your site, and would be really interested to talk further with you as I am a British Director from the BBC who is here in Kuwait to make a documentary all about obesity and lifestyle,

    it would be great to pick your brains and have a chat if possible?

    Y x

    • Dear Yem,

      Its a pleasure to help, please e-mail me the details and i will do what i can o help

      thanks for your interest.

  7. I enjoyed going through your blog.

    • thank you hoope πŸ™‚

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