Still three digits

Living in my lovely home land Kuwait doesnt help much in reducing ones weight. At work we meet over we visit friends we have to eat what is served, we visit the family we eat as well, a long lost friend we deffinetly go out for dinner to catch up. In simple words life in Kuwait revolves around the table or more correct around the colorful competitive dishes from the lastest home made goods.

6 years ago when my size was 4 sizes smaller than today u was proud to eat out for all the healthy green choices available on the menu. Today, the healthiest dish would either have hidden sugars or mayo. You have to admit its not easy loosing weight i. This country.

Trail and dailluir this is what my lofe has been like for the past 6 years. Today am close to big O and not ready for anymore loses unless they are Kg’s

Wonderful Feeling

Nothing ever beats a lovely feeling when i step on the scale and the number comes out smaller that what i planned.

Expectations are great when you get more than what expected. Finally the scale is showing some movement.

Ill leave you with this picture it speaks tons of words.

20120519-115956 AM.jpg

Apetite Pills

a loving womb
After all the struggles with weight loss, pregnancy came along to kick my emotions down the hill. Usually i would eat and eat and eat until my stomach hurts. This time this pain feels very different from any other pain. I had a little soul in me that is no more there, a new baby that was about to come to this world and make me and moon parents.

Now that i lost that little fetus, i don’t feel like eating, actually i am having a different kind of eating disorder right now, not excess of calories or high sugar/fat type of food. I am struggling from not eating at all. I lost my appetite with the loss of the new soul. I can’t eat, i don’t feel like eating so for now i am on pill to regain my appetite ! weird ha!

I wouldn’t thought in million years to be 100KG with a 30 BMI and on appetite increasing pills !

Well thank god for everything, this phase is making my husband have something to joke about, how lousy my womb is.

SO now i walk two hours daily, and should eat very basic three meals including three bites of dessert and lots of fruits and vegetables. Until now i can rarely have two meals which one of them is rice /potato with yogurt and a meal of chicken soup with jello.

We named our little fetus.. we named him/her Salam (peace) .


Dear Readers,

Sorry for my disappearance and lack of updating. I went through tough health problems.. unfortunately i had a miscarriage pregnancy. No words can explain , i have no tongue to speak or power to write.

Thank you all.


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