Elysium II

I still have hope in Elysium massages, so i tried another masouse  today..Her massage room was nice, the music was alright -not my taste though- her hands were nice, the bed was way too sexy; sleeping on that bed alone aroused my senses.

The massage was alright, i lost a kilo after it yet, i have tried better.. i wouldn’t go to her again but i would definitely try another kind of massage in Elysium.

I give it 8 out of 10

Day 12 of Care

Today i was very sad over my nutritionist, they told me he is in the hospital, poor handsome man, I was feeling very very sad all day, until my old friend called… which brought a smile to my face and made my mind busy away from my pain.

Also i found my Ex brother online, and told me that my Ex got married, i’m happy for him and sorry for the girl unless she is as dirty as he is. So i decided after a stressful day i had to go for a massage.

I had a full body relaxation massage with aroma therapy at the Elysium gym and spa , i had it with ju jin somthing like that, the place wasn’t relaxig and very cheap for the price i paid and the massage was refloxology! i could’ve done it on my own. Not good, not having massage in that place again.

Now back to my daily care,

Breakfast : Asian fruit salad ( i don’t like it, leeche’s with pineapples and grapes with mint sauce eeew) but after finish it i liked it.  Nestle corn flakes with milk.. again another mistake i can’t have wheat or grain.. so i was bloated all day.

lunch 12

Lunch:  i was starving and it was tandori chicken with Greek salad and fruit salad… i was very hunrgy after this meal but after two hours i was very full.  With fruit salad

Dinner 12

Dinner : that was yummy .. chicken potato  (like Scottish potato) with vegetables and Beet root salad and lentile soup ..  and you know what i missed lentile soup which reminds me of that song العدس العدس مادري شنو

It’s obvious i was hungry

I’m happy now 🙂 , and sleepy too… and still very behind in work and work and work 🙂

Good night beautiful people 🙂

You really made me smile again.

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