Ramadan emotiona

This Ramadan i decided to ditch all social activities and stay at home with the typical excuse of i am short on my prayers i want to do more to god. Worship more.

Thats just what i wish.

On the first week of Ramadan i had the Holly Quran in my hand all day trying to read just a page … But i fall asleep reading. I thought to my self that could be the thirst and lack of sleep. Second week of Ramadan the sleeping habits didn’t change and yet my kidneys were killing me. 3rd week of Ramadan i faced reality i couldn’t bend while praying i figured out i am in serious back and knee pain that i couldnt pray and in serious hip pain that i couldnt sit and read the quraan.

Yes, i know what you are thinking of my dear Kuwaiti friend, i should go for the famous gastric sleeve or what ever they call it. Every one in kuwait is advising me to go get the surgery done to cut off the hunger glands and have my tummy in the size of a peanut. I rest my case and thought why not let me give it a shot.

“get out of my office this is for serious obese cases” this is what i wished the doctor would say but in reality he called me a cow and called me a sick person and that i need to do the surgery today. The next thing i know am in my car with loud music driving so fast to the gym. “am not a cow am a beautiful creature whose got a little fat sagging off my waist, am not sick am emotionally weak, bastard!!!” telling my self all the time running until all i can see people on top of me splashing water over my face “are you ok?” “wake up” yes i fainted.

Here i stopped going to the gym and i decided to do a full checkup on the nutritional values in my body with a proper doctor rather than a butcher.

The results came out that this giant cow as he said has malnutrition !!! Me!!! They must be kidding am fat yet i have no zinc, no vitamins nor iron and my stomach is in the size of a medium apple while am fasting. Shocking!!!! And am shocked.

For someone whose 167 cm high and 105 kilos heavy of a BMI of 35 am actually suffering from malnutrition with a tinny stomach …

Then what is wrong with my digestion !?

Still three digits

Living in my lovely home land Kuwait doesnt help much in reducing ones weight. At work we meet over we visit friends we have to eat what is served, we visit the family we eat as well, a long lost friend we deffinetly go out for dinner to catch up. In simple words life in Kuwait revolves around the table or more correct around the colorful competitive dishes from the lastest home made goods.

6 years ago when my size was 4 sizes smaller than today u was proud to eat out for all the healthy green choices available on the menu. Today, the healthiest dish would either have hidden sugars or mayo. You have to admit its not easy loosing weight i. This country.

Trail and dailluir this is what my lofe has been like for the past 6 years. Today am close to big O and not ready for anymore loses unless they are Kg’s

Wonderful Feeling

Nothing ever beats a lovely feeling when i step on the scale and the number comes out smaller that what i planned.

Expectations are great when you get more than what expected. Finally the scale is showing some movement.

Ill leave you with this picture it speaks tons of words.

20120519-115956 AM.jpg

After One Year

2012 what a beautiful year, the weather is amazing , people are happy 2011 is gone – even though i believed it did well to me – and the optimism is filling the air. Last post on this blog was from Kuwait, yet i left the country and just came back, here we are again a month in a desert country in the time of elections and Zeena – me – still weighing 3 digits on the scale.

Obviously the weight loss progress is tremendously un achievable until this time my energy levels are not on top of the moon only but on fire to reach the goal for once and all. Just started to have the 7-3 job and the dining out life style that we have in Kuwait.

In Kuwait life revolves around food, girls meet over dinner or lunch if you are lucky to have active friends you will meet for breakfast eggs, cheese, bagels and end it up with delicious breyoush dipped and glazed with sugar cinnamon and nautella chocolate on the side ! OMG ! what we just did ! we ate a 2000 Cal. meal and the subjects during this delicious meal was over a handsome man or how to go under a certain diet.

If you are skinny chick, chubby one or over weight even Obese we all talk about the latest clothes and the latest restaurant in Kuwait. (maybe that should be a post on it own) .Carrying on, today after 1 year of no blogging or looking into my health here i am enjoying online shopping for super sized me – not so cute- eating in the latest American cousin and blogging…

if we rewind all the above in less than 6 months i’ll be in the size of an elephant…


“Zeena wake up” the sound in my head says … ok here i plan for tomorrow … actually today too .. no heavy meals just a good salad and i shall workout at night.


The plan for tomorrow: wake up at 4, workout, go to work, leave work, workout, go home, and then go out

whose supporting on this plan? you my dear readers you will be the reason i keep on coming back to this blog and write more. Will make sure to write every day were is the progress going and how after 3 years i finally achieved my goal.


WOW am optimistic !


Stuck in myself

Weight: 107 kg
Size: 18 American

Totally stuck!

What else can I say, stuck at work, stuck in life, stuck in my body and health. After working out once for 40 minutes of pure low passé of cardio and ever sense am sick. Is there anything in this world would make me lose weight and happy at the same time…

Very upset Zeena !!!

I am Zeena and I’m telling you a secret!

2010 has turned its pages and left me with great satisfaction, no great weightloss achievements but am content and ready for 2011.. this year i don’t have a resolution like every year.. this year i have 365 resolutions, i am planing day by day to greater target ..

1-1-2011: A day filled with fun and laughter, lots of food and music [ all is done well with little less music ]

2-1-2011: eat 1 apple and 1 cup of salad, workout 1 hour and spend good quality of family time, sleep early and have all prayers complete

3-1-2011: and so on…


Here i am Zeena with the revealed secret of the none stop weight loss struggles .. 2011 … with 365 days .. this resolution should come to an end.


Zeena is back

Yes I am back but this time with a total differant person today I am a working women and single. It took me more than a year to get over Khalid and until today I don’t know what happened or what changed but I know for sure I miss him and there is nothing on earth will bring me back to him. Today I am a happy single working women with a career that doesn’t seem very enlightining either but i love what I do. And love whom I have become.

You might wonder did you lose weight?
With a big smile on my face that’s why I am here again Zeenas still struggling with her weight.

After my trauma with Khalid I let my self go, to a level that I forgot what color was on my head or what time usually breakfasts are. I slept more, lived in isolation and gained good number of kilos.

Today I weight 107kg with body fat of 40% which means I can die any second now. The challenge to lose app that weight and keep stress free to succeed at my job.

My current diet plan is what I like to call “back to basic” which means every single meal should contain the basic five nutrients (i.e. Vegetables, milk products, carbs, protiens and peas) started out well and started to build my energy and now I can hit the gym again after not being able to leave the bed.

Zeena is a new person eating greens and organic food; no more dining out unless it’s a gathering

No more fried food which is a very common dish in Kuwait, fried food is almost on every meal, and workout for am hour a day.

Am a happy free birdeven though am walking on a cloud.

Love you all
P. S. I read all of ur comments thank you for the kindest words on earth, I’ll reply to each one of them soon.

Love love
Zeena McSea :*

Week 8: Emotional Eater

Current weight: 92 Kg

Target weight: 90 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Starting date with this new diet : Jan 29th, 2008

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend )

Lifestyle: 1 hour Cardio, Packing , 20 min stretching, 35 min yoga

For the Past three weeks i haven’t been keen with my workout and i had couple of regional changes in my life, we will be moving to Kuwait soon and instead of doing my one hour of cardio I’ve been packing our stuff and beautiful memories here, emotionally I’m not ready to go home but we have to.

I have mixed feelings about this move i want to go to Kuwait and meet my friends whom been sending me tons of e-mails saying how badly they miss me, but i know once i step my foot there none of them will even call, i know none of them will even show up unless i call them all and this time I’ll do what Judy did, i wont call anyone. I don’t know what happened to Kuwaitis and hospitality truly people change. From the family side, i know they will just come visit once I’m there and that would be it, i wont hear from them again… !

Its obvious i am in a bad emotional phase, i don’t want to leave my happy peaceful life here away from all the political crap and the shallow conversations about how people are even if i don’t want to know about them. And this is making me crave more chocolates and sweets , I’ve been crazy with petite pour and crazy with cookies !

At first Judy -my weight loss friend/planner- let me eat as much as i feel like to let me get suffocate with the sugary taste, it worked for a week then after that week i craved them again, so she gave me all kinds of herbal teas with cinnamon and honey to drink when ever i craved a piece of sugar – and that’s not you hubby 🙂 – it worked for three days then i ate sweets with the tea LOL! then my smart friend gave me a great way to lessen my sweetness intake .

For every bite of sugar/chocolate/cookie i should have a small fruit, for every spoon of dessert i have to have a small fruit, at first i ended up having 5 kiwis and 10 strawberries, Today i had a Banana, a Kiwi and no chocolate at all, she turned my addiction toward chocolatey dessert into the need of fruits which is healthier and balances the flavours on my tongue.

Thank you again Judy, life hasn’t been greater. And you are the only reason worth going to Kuwait.

Week 5

Current weight: 94 Kg

Target weight: 90 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Starting date with this new diet :  Jan 29th, 2008

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend 🙂

Lifestyle: 1 hour Cardio, 20 min stretching, 35 min yoga


I’ve been 5 weeks on Judy’s -my friend who is helping me lose weight-  weight loss plan, as it seems it is working very well with me,  i have lost one kilo in one week,  i like it , I’ve been eating every thing i love from chocolates to French fries, ice cream to haystack salad and still losing weight without being hungry, or having cravings to my favorite foods or even have the feeling of ” why everyone is able to eat anything they want and everything is a no to me”  .

Today her laid back system has been changed, before when ever i crave a chocolate, i would eat a bite of it, drink water, wait for a while or go work out then i would take another bite .. at first  i used to eat the whole bar, but after couple of times a bite would do it for me and i don’t feel like buying chocolates when ever i see them , even if eat it i don’t feel attached at all, i even started to eat fruits instead.

Judy didn’t let this pass.. now since i started to have these cravings switch from fatty foods and rich in sugar to more less tasteful food.. she changed my eating plan..

Early in the morning:

When i wake up for morning prayers, i would drink 2-4 glasses of warm water almost 1 liter


I start my breakfast with any kind of fruit with a cup of milk .. then a cup of water

After i get dressed and ready to leave, i would eat anything i feel like “eggs, waffles, a sandwich” with the suggested portion for every type of food.. i should talk about that later.
Snack: if hungry i would have water  – ofcourse- if i had craving for something sweet then i would have from 3-5 dates OR if my cravings were something salty i would have carrots, celery or cucumbers

Lunch: a piece of protein, 3/4 a cup some carbs, 1 1/2 cup greens  and any kind of juice with less than 3 grams of sugar and less than 80 cal.

Snack: yogurt, a fruit or three bites of any cravings

Dinner: a piece of protein (fish or turkey) , 1/2 a cup carbs, 2 cups of greens

Dinner should always be before 7 pm .

But on Fridays, breakfast will be a pomegranate.

My desserts should be dates or fruits (2 pieces per day)


Ready for easter

Current weight: 95 Kg

Target weight: 90 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend

Lifestyle: ACTIVE


It has been 24 days.. lost 5 Kilograms.. still following up with Judy’s weight loss life style, with 1800 Calories, 15 grams of fat per day, 60 grams of carbs per day, two servings of fruits a day, three-5 cups of vegetables per day…

Workout: 30 minutes cardio every day, 3-4 times group workout  as in water exercise, yoga and stretching.

I’m happy ..  eating everything i need .. and enjoying life without having the ma7rooma feeling, that i’m any less from other thin girls who can eat anything they want..

On the emotional side of this happiness, husband is loving the touch of my skin and the glow in my eyes. I’ve noticed with the fruit intake and vegetables my skin is clearer and brighter as well as my eyes..  but i have to admit recently i haven’t been going to the gym, just doing the normal indoor crunches and weight lift that Judy gave me as well.

For now Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

P.S. if you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂 if you want to join me and lose some weight that would be wonderful.