Ready for easter

Current weight: 95 Kg

Target weight: 90 Kg – slow targets at a time..

Real Target: 60 Kg

Starting Weight: 103 Kg

Nutritionist and Dietitian : my Jobless obese friend

Lifestyle: ACTIVE


It has been 24 days.. lost 5 Kilograms.. still following up with Judy’s weight loss life style, with 1800 Calories, 15 grams of fat per day, 60 grams of carbs per day, two servings of fruits a day, three-5 cups of vegetables per day…

Workout: 30 minutes cardio every day, 3-4 times group workout  as in water exercise, yoga and stretching.

I’m happy ..  eating everything i need .. and enjoying life without having the ma7rooma feeling, that i’m any less from other thin girls who can eat anything they want..

On the emotional side of this happiness, husband is loving the touch of my skin and the glow in my eyes. I’ve noticed with the fruit intake and vegetables my skin is clearer and brighter as well as my eyes..  but i have to admit recently i haven’t been going to the gym, just doing the normal indoor crunches and weight lift that Judy gave me as well.

For now Happy Spring and Happy Easter.

P.S. if you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂 if you want to join me and lose some weight that would be wonderful.