Ramadan emotiona

This Ramadan i decided to ditch all social activities and stay at home with the typical excuse of i am short on my prayers i want to do more to god. Worship more.

Thats just what i wish.

On the first week of Ramadan i had the Holly Quran in my hand all day trying to read just a page … But i fall asleep reading. I thought to my self that could be the thirst and lack of sleep. Second week of Ramadan the sleeping habits didn’t change and yet my kidneys were killing me. 3rd week of Ramadan i faced reality i couldn’t bend while praying i figured out i am in serious back and knee pain that i couldnt pray and in serious hip pain that i couldnt sit and read the quraan.

Yes, i know what you are thinking of my dear Kuwaiti friend, i should go for the famous gastric sleeve or what ever they call it. Every one in kuwait is advising me to go get the surgery done to cut off the hunger glands and have my tummy in the size of a peanut. I rest my case and thought why not let me give it a shot.

“get out of my office this is for serious obese cases” this is what i wished the doctor would say but in reality he called me a cow and called me a sick person and that i need to do the surgery today. The next thing i know am in my car with loud music driving so fast to the gym. “am not a cow am a beautiful creature whose got a little fat sagging off my waist, am not sick am emotionally weak, bastard!!!” telling my self all the time running until all i can see people on top of me splashing water over my face “are you ok?” “wake up” yes i fainted.

Here i stopped going to the gym and i decided to do a full checkup on the nutritional values in my body with a proper doctor rather than a butcher.

The results came out that this giant cow as he said has malnutrition !!! Me!!! They must be kidding am fat yet i have no zinc, no vitamins nor iron and my stomach is in the size of a medium apple while am fasting. Shocking!!!! And am shocked.

For someone whose 167 cm high and 105 kilos heavy of a BMI of 35 am actually suffering from malnutrition with a tinny stomach …

Then what is wrong with my digestion !?