Fittness here i come

Hello Dear Readers,

Sorry for being away and busy and out of shape! The last is true, i haven’t been eating well or even working out.

Today I am 100 KG , size 16 American and ready to rumble again.

Breakfast: Cereal with milk and 2 pears or 1 orange

Lunch: 1/4 a cup starchy food, 1 1/2 cups vegetables , 3/4 a cup protein (chicken, fish or meat)

Snack: An apple or Banada

Dinner: 1/2 rice, 1 1/2 vegeis and fish

Work out : 30 min. walk in the morning, 30 min walk before dinner.

Water:2 Liters

My Dietitian.. my dearest friend Judy Abbott.. I wonder why she doesn’t lose weight though 😛 She promised me i will be 95 by mid march .. so lets see. She made me join this SITE to keep my food diary and calorie, sugar and fat counting… and she was right it is a hell great site, i’m so addicted to it, its the only page on my blackberry, even when i drink water i add it to the diary on this site.

Not only that, she introduced me to the Stool Chart … i know it sounds disgusting.. but it is true, as much as i hated her for the chart, as much as i’m in love with her when i need to go 🙂

Thank you judz.. waiting for the results.

I hope she doesn’t kill me for mentioning her name :S

Still working, still Aiming.

Wohooow it has been a while ha?!

Yeah life got really busy on my end of the world, I’ve been running like a headless chicken LOL . Hubby got the flu-thank god i didn’t catch it from him- and he was the sweetest when he was sick. My Family in law came over, i guess they couldn’t wait for the Honey moon to end so they would come. We had fun, they cooked some good food 😛 And the important part of it all.. my weight! Unfortunately i am the same weight, but i am not the same size, i am one size smaller which counts as success no?

I finally listened to my friend and signed up at the Y as they call it here. Or as it is known the YMCA … I have to admit that is the best thing i did to my self.

Imagine for 10 KD’s only i got a fully access to all workout machines from stationary bikes to high tech treadmills like the ones we have in Flex, champions and Elysium (life-fitness machines) and weight lifting equipments. Also there are two swimming pools, personal trainer, yoga, pillates, run fit, aerobics, squash, bike classes, etc. you name it they have it.

What really amazed me is their services, i mean for only 10 KD’s i got a personal trainer , back in Kuwait i had to pay 120KD’s for 12 sessions of personal training! but here i got it for 30 days for only 10 KD’s Oh gosh i am cheap 🙂

 Yeah i am really being cheap, i really blame it on marriage. You got married you have to pay.  Take it from me.

See you later my dear readers,

let me go get ready for another hectic day … ooh i miss Dala3 il Kuwait. Its really enough to have someone asking you ” hiiiiiii how are you doing today” even if they don’t mean it, it makes lots of difference.