Marriage Diaries

And …

i got married..

huh! funny how much i hate it .. even though we were deeply in love before being together under one roof..once we got married and i had to share the same bed with him, my life turned around.

i can’t share my bed with him, he is evil when he is asleep

After two weeks of marriage, i sleep on the couch he gets the bed :S

Now that eid is close by i wish i wasn’t married, at least i would receive gifts!

Life is Good, life is yummy , life is great when you are single :p

To Hubby: please be an angel when you sleep



  1. umm interesting

    Thank you Purg

  2. LOL! Poor thing – give it time sweety to work 🙂 kel 3am o enti bkheir!

    Wenti bese7a o salama, how much time should i give? i feel like moving into the hotel next to our building and let him pay , i guess this will fix his sleeping attitude LOL “kidding”

  3. loool good luck with ever getting a goodnight sleep again ;p

    You cracked me up, yeah please pray for me i need a goodnight sleep LOL!

  4. Yikes!

    i know 😦

  5. Mabrook
    ull get used to his evilness sooner or later

    ALLAH LA YEGOOL 🙂 but thank you very much dear,
    Allah yebarik eb 7ayatich.


    Thank you dear lulu, you seem happy more than i am

  7. Lol, 3eedich imbarak and mabrook 3al marriage. 🙂

    Shoush, thanks Dear, trust me marriage is sooooo over rated. There is nothing like being single aaaah 🙂
    thank you dear

  8. ‘Kindly adjust” …. Its OK for a person to be Evil while he is asleep than be evil while he is Awake …

    GreY that is a great point indeed, i still want to sleep 🙂
    Thank you.

  9. LOL it should be 3asal 3ala gabech, bel embarak enshallah

    Allah yebarik eb7ayatich, you say 3asal LOL do you know the feeling when the wax melt and hurts your skin? this is the kind of 3asal i’m talking of 😉
    Thank you Cozy

  10. Get another or a bigger bed 😛

    Is there anything bigger than King?? Deloooney 3aleeh LOL!

  11. Change your attitude towards your hubby. It might help. Looks like he needs alot of tender loving care .

    Yeah he does.. but the moment i do he makes fun of me in a very harsh way

  12. i wrote a comment here min ziman but i dunno y it didn’t get posted ;|

    MabrOOOOOOOK 3al marriage 7abebty :*

    and try to get used to his evilness 😀 he seems like a very caring person

    He is a sweet heart bas lama amzageh yesma7 🙂
    thank you EniGma.. missed you.

  13. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    Ok will get you some more.

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